Tide-Line Blue – episode 6

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Easily the best episode since the first, Tide-Line Blue six is actually revealing things, giving proper characterisation and some actual emotion.

In this episode the Ulysses takes on the forces of the New UN. Clearly we don’t want either side to die, as Satoyama of the New UN works for Aoi and for some reason we think that Gould is generally a good guy.
In other parts, Joze goes looking for Keel, who is actually behaving in a sensible fashion, and Aoi reveals some huge truths to Teen.

For the first time we are given the opportunity to feel something for Teen as Aoi tells him about what is going on in the satellite orbiting the Earth. Teen has always been the more serious of the two brothers, even as a child. The childhood events of episode two are actually remarkably close to all that happens in this episode, with everything showing itself to be highly relevant. For once I got the sense that this program isn’t wasting its time.

Now I understand that Teen has feelings, it’s easier to be around him. To be fair to both of the twins, they have been out of their elements since the second half of the first episode and should be forgiven for their digressions. Giving Keel a taste of the normal life, working with the villagers, was also worthwhile.

To the action side of the episode: this worked very well because it was charged with emotion for once, rather than being people the audience doesn’t know shooting at each other in the vain hope that someone will die.
Gould was passionate in his defence of the Ulysses, and Satoyama’s animation and delivery was spot on. Satoyama is not a character that we have seen much of before, but his dedication to his job was admirable, which made him much easier to empathise with.

“K2” was an episode full of excitement, revelations and despair. If the writers can keep this level up rather than writing the annoying scenes that they have been up until now, Tide-Line Blue will not have been a waste after all.

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