Kamichu! – episode 2

July 15, 2005 on 1:08 am | In Kamichu! | Comments Off on Kamichu! – episode 2

“Please, Goddess”

Better than the first episode, but damn if this anime isn’t interminable. Seriously, this episode went for about fourteen years.

You know, one can only take so much of “slow magical girls with hearts of gold” before it gets old. Yurie is slightly sweet, but she is more dull; her voice actress, MAKO, does very little to help the situation.

Anyway, in this episode Yashima-sama goes missing from the town’s shrine. Yurie goes into the “gods only” realm and searches for him; he’s been hanging around for three months because he wants to start a band with some other gods. A dog tells him that he has no talent, but he doesn’t listen. Then there’s a “Yurie-chan” festival.

Yeah. The feeling of the search around town for Yashima-sama was pretty cool, getting to see all of the little spirits going about their daily lives. The gods’ world was a good feat of colour design and architecture. Something isn’t clicking: this show is way slow and the subtitles suck. Normally I wouldn’t mention these things because I don’t draw attention to the fact that these are fansubs, but the OP and ED are just romanji, no translation and the preview is an explanation of the subbers being lazy. I did not pay good money (really, I didn’t) to have to put up with this crap.

The unprofessional nature of this sub has convinced me that if some other group doesn’t pick it up, I’ll just drop Kamichu!. It’s not worth my time if they’re going to jerk me around like this. Since I wrote this (I’m way behind) another group picked up Kamichu!. I don’t know how good it is, but anything is better than the original schlock.

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