Honey and Clover – episode nine

June 27, 2005 on 11:13 pm | In Honey and Clover | Comments Off on Honey and Clover – episode nine

Nine episodes in, Honey & Clover has a second Christmas episode. So many series don’t get even one, and here we are now. About fifteen months must have passed since the first episode.

Right now I am so confused by Morita. With his making a brooch for Hagu-chan, Takemoto latches on for the second and more definite time that Morita might have feelings for her. This is much of the motivation for the episode.

I think that what works here is a triangle of inspiration: Hagu-chan is Morita’s muse, while Hagu-chan is inspired by Morita’s hard work and Takemoto … Takemoto is Hagu-chan’s backbone. The problem is that no one can quite tell Morita’s motivation. It’s possible that he doesn’t know himself, as he was willing to give up his art graduation for the love of money.

It’s a nice episode, and good to see how Takemoto has come to change through getting to know these people as his friends. It makes one wonder if they ever truly will leave; Mayama may now wear a business suit, but he’s still there for all of them.

See this? It’s love; that’s why I don’t have much to say. More than the other episodes, this is less an action and more a feeling.

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