Honey and Clover – episode eight

June 25, 2005 on 4:33 pm | In Honey and Clover | Comments Off on Honey and Clover – episode eight

“I couldn’t leave you alone.”

Easily the funniest episode of Honey & Clover so far. The first was funny, but by now we know all of these characters well enough to have a glorious festival of celebration.

In this episode, experiments are carried out …

… with terrifying results!

For real, the group meets up, and then wonders why they got together: because it’s Takemoto’s birthday! In a mad panic, they get that cake together and embark on a hilarious game of home-made Twister. This is the first ever Twister joke I’ve seen in anime. Not really a joke but a few minutes of sheer hilarity.
Yamada’s family gets wiped out by an illness, so she has to look after their liquor store for a couple of nights. Realising that Hagu-chan would be alone for the first time, Takemoto goes over to keep her company.

Non-stop hilarity with a touch of introspection made for one excellent episode of Honey & Clover. Hagu-chan and Hanamoto can’t live without each other; it’s been four months and Hagu offers food to a shrine of Hanamoto, and Hanamoto cries in his sleep. What it really establishes is the fact that Takemoto is really kind …

… and that Morita has tastebuds of steel.

Finally, Mayama realises that he is, perhaps, just a little bit of a stalker.

More drama next week.

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