Battle Athletes Victory – Episodes 5 to 7

April 1, 2004 on 1:03 pm | In Battle Athletes Victory | Comments Off on Battle Athletes Victory – Episodes 5 to 7

Akiyama made the transition from ultra comedy to ultra drama seamlessly. He really is a skilled director when given the right material.

There were definitely some confusing moments, where the timeline jumped back and forth some months and Jessie didn’t seem quite the same as before (but the Night of Woong-A-Ji may have changed characters for one night in order to bring them together against a common … evil?).
Akari learned a few things about herself – that she didn’t think that she could live up to her mother’s image, and despite hiding behind the “I’m trying!” attitude, she was actually holding back (perhaps to avoid disappointment).

When she realises the problem through some incredibly good Hisakawa Aya Itchan speech, she decides that she will get better, that she will unleash the hidden talent. And when she actually does get better, and she most certainly does, Itchan realises that she is jealous of what she has awakened in her friend.
The result of that is truly horrifying.

The other thing of note here is Ayla, who is a hilarious character because she has no sense of humour and is very literally minded. She produced some wonderful scenes.
While it’s sometimes hard to track the relationships in a series so coloured by competition, Battle Athletes Victory looks like it has it all. Except for eye catches, damn them.

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