Honey and Clover – episode five

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“Thinking of mother back home”

This was not very funny. It was not trying to be, so I can forgive it.

Honey & Clover is a strange beast indeed. You never know what to expect. In the first half of this episode we get some of the Takemoto introspection that coloured the first two episodes of the series: Takemoto goes to visit his mother in the break from university and reflects on how he feels uneasy around his step-father, Kazu.
In the second half, Hanamoto-sensei takes all of his favourite students on a trip to a ryokan. “Takes” isn’t exactly accurate: it’s more like a Morita powered death threat factory that starts the trip off.

Anyway, this episode does many of the things that Honey & Clover does best. My favourite part was the discussion of Takemoto’s place in his family: “no one can replace anyone else”. This is a nice and special feeling. On the other side we have Mayama’s obsession with Rika slowly eating him with unreasonable jealousy.
It’s not funny, but it’s nice to reflect on.

The only problem is that Hagu-chan really does act like a little girl again; jealous of Yamada’s breasts. For Mayama to say “you could be like that when you grow up” simply doesn’t cut it. So confused by that situation, but at least it’s not a focal point of the series. The important part is that I’m feeling the students.

I suppose the whole thing, like real clover honey, is simply premium.

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