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This episode left me in high spirits. Considering that I was preparing to murder the internet beforehand, this makes it a good outing. The Adventures of William and Hakim Emma is one entertaining series.

In this episode, Emma goes to Mudie’s library, where Hakim and William are browsing the Victorian pornography. Emma escapes with a blush and a book about a servant falling in love with her master: it’s all dreadfully romantic. After having been rejected by Emma, Hakim lets William know that the path is clear. This leads to the least painful William and Emma interaction so far!

This episode wasn’t big on plot, being as it was about Hakim’s displacement. Eleanor didn’t have any reaction to Hakim’s presence at all – but she did have a debriefing scene in front of her mirror, except that she has her maid to talk to. What was important here is Hakim’s harem. They are pretty much funny in whatever scene they are in. Their immobile features grow on you the more immobile they become, and there’s something inherently hilarious about one of them gunning a motorcar.

Also important in this episode is the inclusion of Arthur, William’s younger brother. Arthur seems to be the embittered child who actually has to make something of himself. “You’re inheriting the family business,” says he to William, “I can’t just loaf around like you.”
It’s true; William is the definition of a man of leisure. He has underpaid servants to do his work for him, so he can spend his days being awkward around the ladyfolk. If William did not have Hakim with him, this series would not be as fun because it would likely become apparent he’s a bit of a jellyfish. If one is to be a cad, they must have the courage to do it properly!
Did anyone notice that Emma gets very little screen time indeed.

A nice, enjoyable episode with a satisfying ending. But what’s up with the vehicles? They don’t look near as sharp as anything else in the program.

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  1. In this episode, unfortunately, historical realism took a holiday: I refer of course to the bookshop scene. The shop is laid out like a Japanese bookshop, and pornography is openly displayed, which would certainly NOT have happened in a nice bookshop catering for both sexes in the Victorian period! It was the one notable failure in a generally spellbinding series.

    Comment by eyeresist — February 19, 2009 #

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