You get licencing!

August 6, 2006 on 4:47 am | In Anime News | 5 Comments

Funimation have licenced School Rumble, although one may ask what took so long. It will be great to see people getting it confused with “Rumbling Hearts”.
Someone, possibly ADV, has in all likelihood licenced The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Can the obsession strike twice? Already the ADV hate has kicked into high gear, which gave me another idea about the status of fandom which I won’t go into here. Kadokawa has said that there have been offers.
Most “important” is the announcement that Utawarerumono has been licenced by ADV. With the name “Shadow Warrior Chronicles”. They may as well have called it “GENERIC TITLE!” if they were going down that path. It means that I won’t be covering it any more, which isn’t a big hassle to me as it was just a bunch of moe anyway.

More licencing comments as I see them.

Update: I was hoping I could get around my phrasing. The Suzumiya news was just a rumour, and I didn’t confirm it in what I said, but … “in all likelihood”? Oh dear. The panels have come and gone with only the news from Kadokawa that several countries have made expressions of interest.

Kiba – episode 18

August 4, 2006 on 1:09 am | In Kiba | 1 Comment

“The Prayer That Doesn’t Die”


“You can’t! Our God is immensely powerful and huge!”*

One of my unwritten rules is to avoid comparisons to Evangelion. However, when you’re faced by one giant monster punching another giant monster into submission and then commencing to eat the other giant monster followed by a close up on that first giant monster’s almost human eye, well … you can’t help to invite comparisons to episode 19 of Evangelion. It is inevitable.

Beyond being Evangelion, this episode had some okay moments and maybe a genuine, bizarre shock that kind of proves to me that this series is just a series of events thrown at the screen in the hope that some of the repercussions will stick. Just like real life.

Spoilers inside

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Bokura Ga Ita (we are here) – episode 1

August 4, 2006 on 1:07 am | In Bokura ga Ita | 3 Comments


We are here! Daichi Akitaro’s new effort is a bit too restrained in its colours for my liking, but it’s still good. In fact, the whole thing is very restrained: animation, voice acting, character.

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