Coyote Ragtime Show – episode 6

August 16, 2006 on 11:48 pm | In Coyote Ragtime Show | 3 Comments

“Fierce Fighting”

Coyote Ragtime Show is the best anime ever. It awakens in me the primal hollerer, in a fashion akin to that of Black Lagoon. My hollers are directed not just at the ingenuity of the situations but also at the sheer, unbridled, unrealistic adventure on display.

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Kiba – episode 20

August 16, 2006 on 11:46 pm | In Kiba | 5 Comments



“Noa versus the Squid Faces! Old friend or new foe?”

How many times can one character die? As many times as narrative dictates, apparently. A vaguely interesting story of the value of religion among beasts, and an incredibly obvious hint of what is to come for Roia, are contained within this not exactly tour de force of an episode of Kiba.


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Ouran High School Host Club – episode 18

August 16, 2006 on 11:44 pm | In Ouran High School Host Club | 2 Comments

“Chika-kun’s ‘Overthrow Honey’ Declaration”

If I’ve read this right, then cake is more important than blood. Okay, fair enough.

It’s another Honey episode and one that tries to tell us about being true to ourselves, which is something I already learned a few years ago when I decided that there should be no such thing as a “guilty pleasure” and that I should not be ashamed of myself.

Great twincest, bizarre moral. We should stop looking for meaning in these episodes.

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New Giant Robo anime in 2007?

August 16, 2006 on 7:59 pm | In Anime News | Comments Off on New Giant Robo anime in 2007?

Giant Robo is easily one of my favourite anime series, so I was surprised today when, courtesy of Big Big Truck, I saw a link to this site:

In 2007, the “LEGEND” will come out.

I personally feel that Giant Robo has one of the most satisfactory endings ever, a series with a second half composed entirely of guts and adrenaline, and I have no idea what could possibly happen in this.
I am expressing a definite interest in these developments.

Honey & Clover II – episode 7

August 15, 2006 on 10:26 pm | In Honey and Clover | 6 Comments

“Forward, in the direction of the light”

This episode was cruel. The last shot actually made me sick, and I’m having a hard time sitting at my computer right now hoping that my interpretation is wrong. The fact that the ending had nothing to do with the rest of the episode yet overshadows the story so completely essentially negates the 20 minutes that came before it.

Hopefully I’m just being over dramatic. Either way, I can’t properly focus on this episode’s contents.

Titanic Spoilers

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Kimagure Orange Road – episodes 25-36

August 15, 2006 on 10:24 pm | In Kimagure Orange Road | 1 Comment

Have you ever lent in to kiss a pretty girl only to realise, upon closer inspection, that she is your sister? Nor have I (I don’t have a sister). Kyosuke sure has, though!
In this set of rockin’ episodes we get: several extra powers; another holiday period; many, many sukeban; and Schwarzenneger, Superman and general Hollywood jokes!

I’ll put the quality of the series this way: I’m at episode 37 of 48 and am now feeling sad that there are only 12 episodes left. Sometimes a 26 episode series can feel epic, but if you go for a more episodic route a series that’s even longer than that can feel like an idyllic holiday. You want an epic story to conclude (conclusion is, after all, gratification), but you want an idyllic holiday to last forever.

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Welcome to the NHK – episode 1

August 15, 2006 on 10:24 pm | In Welcome to the NHK | 1 Comment

“Welcome to the Project”

I cannot believe that I watched this, a television program with a guy fantasising about a girl dressed as a nun masturbating, on the train. Sitting next to my mother. Who had down her reading to see what I was watching. She then proceeded to watch the rest of the episode with me, and the whole situation rang to me of this (absolutely NSFW ever).

After my battle with mortification was over, I got to reflect on this episode: it’s actually the pretty interesting tale of a hikikomori who wants to make good. I’ve heard that the humour goes down as the anime cannot maintain the preversion level of the manga, but it’s intriguing enough that I don’t care about that.

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Digimon Savers – episode 11

August 15, 2006 on 10:22 pm | In Digimon Savers | Comments Off on Digimon Savers – episode 11

“Bring back the bond between parent and child
Evilmon’s bewitchment”

I’m not sure if a Faustian pact with a Digimon counts if you enter it unconsciously. In fact, my notes for this episode include the line “Wow, these Mephistos suck”. You get yourself some Evilmon and some Picodevimon, but they’re a bunch of morons.
That’s not to say that this is a bad episode, because this particular Digimon formula is nothing if not workable. Its use of euphemism is surprising, but there are no surprises otherwise.

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Bokura Ga Ita – episode 2

August 15, 2006 on 10:20 pm | In Bokura ga Ita | 4 Comments

Angry Nanami is a cause for celebration. Hilarious celebration! This episode covers a lot of ground, from one sided like to fights of pride and honour to a loss of like, to implied mutual like. As others have noted an entire season’s worth of material in a scant 20 minutes.

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Honey & Clover II – episode 6

August 10, 2006 on 7:00 pm | In Honey and Clover | 5 Comments

“We were never to go to the beach”

Wait a second, even that episode title is a spoiler! That’s right: in this episode, the characters of Honey & Clover fail to go to the beach.
Otherwise we get a rare episode that provides insight into every character: an ensemble piece based on an ensemble that isn’t assembled. It’s really quite beautiful.

Spoilers within! The Morita Family motivation revealed!

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