Honey & Clover II – episode 4

July 27, 2006 on 4:17 pm | In Honey and Clover | 3 Comments

“I won’t let you go anywhere”

Mayama cries and my eyes sting.


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Utawarerumono – episode 16

July 26, 2006 on 10:40 pm | In Utawarerumono | 2 Comments

“The End of the Bloodshed”

Every time Hakuoro touches someone, I think he’s going to have sex with them. Watch out, Dori and Gura!

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Honey & Clover II – episode 3

July 26, 2006 on 1:10 am | In Honey and Clover | 5 Comments

“I don’t want to see your tears”

I didn’t like Nomiya last season. Now he can shed the suit of youth, stand tall and be a man!

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Honey & Clover II – episode 2

July 26, 2006 on 12:16 am | In Honey and Clover | 2 Comments

“I want to tell you, but I can’t”

Everyone cries.

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Honey & Clover II – episode 1

July 26, 2006 on 12:13 am | In Honey and Clover | 1 Comment

I realised that, while I was really into Honey & Clover during its initial run, I never really thought about it afterwards. Even when the Chapters L and F came out, I reflected only on their comedic nature and didn’t even attempt to consider them in relation to the series at large.

With this first episode of the second season we are forced to revisit that which we began a year ago. As I watched, I was struck by just how trendy the whole project was: people running through streets; Japanese men singing songs of friendship and love. Still, it was something special.

So, revisiting the love triangles of a year gone past, loves complicated by everyone being aware of everyone else’s emotions and choosing to ignore them in favour of their own. Am I honestly going to be able to watch a series that consists of Yamada and Mayama being desperately unhappy by their own hands? I’m not sure I’ll be able to cope.

Yet Takemoto’s bike has evolved into a car: perhaps that evolution will be symbolic of the characters this time around.

Utawarerumono – episode 15

July 26, 2006 on 12:03 am | In Utawarerumono | 1 Comment

“End of the Banquet”

The engagements are booked through the end of the world
So we’ll meet at the end of the banquet

In Utawarerumono you can cut people in half and be stabbed in both arms and then go off to your next fight without a care in the world.

With the end of this banquet, we have to look forward to the next one that Hakuoro will be invited to, possibly by nameless winged fellow who may belong to Urotorii’s clan.


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Kiba – episode 16

July 24, 2006 on 7:58 pm | In Kiba | Comments Off on Kiba – episode 16

“Tragedy of a Race”


“Protect the Subterranean Ewok Village!! For the purpose of killing you, I was reborn!”

See, the tragedy is that they chose war and … ah, forget it.

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Nana – episode 15

July 24, 2006 on 7:26 pm | In Nana | 4 Comments

I realised something terrible while watching this episode: I am Jun/Kyosuke. I have been known to be cruel to depressed people in order to help them.
When I say “people” I mean “one person”, but still.

As for the episode: lots of fourth wall breaking and a bit too much retrospection.

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Nana – episode 14

July 24, 2006 on 7:14 pm | In Nana | 5 Comments

When Nana is good, it’s freakishly good. Normally I’ll alternate shows but I’m watching all of my episodes of this in one hit.

Spoilers inside

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Nana – episode 13

July 24, 2006 on 7:09 pm | In Nana | 5 Comments

A lot of ground is covered in one episode of Nana.

Same spoilers as previous episode

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