Rescue Wings – episode 9

June 21, 2006 on 12:43 am | In Rescue Wings | Comments Off on Rescue Wings – episode 9

“Journey of a Young Boy (part 2)”

The complaints that I had about the failure to reveal Yoshioka’s character became irrelevant as I realised the excellent subtlety and understatement that went towards creating his family situation.
I’ve got a rescue question about this story, but otherwise it’s fine.

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Utawarerumono – episode 10

June 18, 2006 on 9:04 pm | In Utawarerumono | 2 Comments

“The Mercenary”

The episode also known as “I have large breasts and pert buttocks. I am going to have to kill you.”

With a genuinely compelling opening featuring a lady assassin, followed by interminable scenes of horrid, horrid moe, I have no idea how seriously I am supposed to take this series. When you’ve got scenes of council that are framed to crop off the top half of the subject’s face, that’s trouble. I expected better of Utawarerumono, although I suppose the letters “T” and “A” are in its title.

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Mind Game

June 18, 2006 on 8:21 pm | In Mind Game | 5 Comments

When you go to anime with a full house and, as the credits roll you hear a fifty year old Australian man say “that was utter rubbish”, you know you’re onto something. Traditionally experimental Studio 4ºC has sprung back into action with their excellent Mind Game, a film that decides to begin off the rails and then gradually works itself back onto them for an ultimately coherent, thoroughly entertaining and at least semi-profound film.

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The Star Craft of the Irresponsible Commander – episode 11

June 18, 2006 on 1:35 am | In Suzumiya Haruhi | 6 Comments

“Day of Sagittarius”

Turns out our friend Kyon is the real commander of the SOS Brigade. Of course, you already knew that. What could have been a very boring video game episode becomes interesting through its apt use of visual metaphor and Yuki’s attempts at fun.

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Rescue Wings – episode 8

June 15, 2006 on 11:37 pm | In Rescue Wings | Comments Off on Rescue Wings – episode 8

“The Journey of a Young Boy (part one)”

What’s three months between episodes between friends? It’s kind of a long time, actually, but let’s not harp. Rescue Wings is back, and as necessarily contrived as it’s ever been.

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Angel Heart – episode 16

June 15, 2006 on 10:59 pm | In Angel Heart | Comments Off on Angel Heart – episode 16

“What it takes to be City Hunter”

I find that when I immerse myself in the world of Saeba Ryo, I’m on a different level of happiness. The first part of this episode was the standard solution to the problem raised in the previous episode, but after that I actually received a shock and was moved.

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Kiba – episode 11

June 15, 2006 on 10:18 am | In Kiba | 2 Comments

“Premonition of Conspiracy”

With the introduction of Cackling Dumas, Kiba has managed to break its own stupidity barrier. Consider me shocked, surprised, and perhaps not willing (or able) to go any further.

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Black Lagoon – episode 9

June 15, 2006 on 10:17 am | In Black Lagoon | 8 Comments

“Maid to Kill”

I wrote in my notes “this is clearly the best show ever to be on television”. I was being more hyperbolic than sarcastic, as Black Lagoon packs so much sheer entertainment value that I’m surprised I didn’t simply explode from all of it while watching this on the train.

When I mentioned a couple of weeks back “two types of killers”, I failed to mention the type that is embodied by Roberta: “attack robot from the future”. The coldness of Revy was motivated by some sort of visible anger, but Roberta gives the audience her icy determination to complete her mission.

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City Hunter Handbook: Episode 1

June 13, 2006 on 11:56 pm | In City Hunter Handbook | 3 Comments

Last night, I got a most excellent, crazy idea: I would watch City Hunter. Like, the first episode ever. City Hunter is easily one of my most well-documented series, and one of the few titles that I would place among my favourites (there being far too many titles to categorise by degrees of “like”). Part of this is because I can see its flaws and acknowledge them: that the idea of the series is probably better than the show itself. Way back when I watched Million Dollar Conspiracy, I partook of the episode that introduced Kaori to the world of City Hunter. That provoked much thought, particularly in regard to the representation of the characters and the changes that occurred to the basic structure of the series.

Now! The episode that introduces City Hunter himself: Saeba Ryo. The show is nothing like this when it gets underway!

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Nana – episode 9

June 13, 2006 on 11:34 pm | In Nana | 2 Comments

You have no idea how relieved I was when Nobu told Nana that he had a song and it wasn’t “Sing this song, my sister, in this world where everyone is lonely … SEE YOU TURNING, SMILING AND LAUGHING.”

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