I’ll do it later: brief insight into what I’m not updating tonight

May 15, 2006 on 10:13 pm | In Site News | Comments Off on I’ll do it later: brief insight into what I’m not updating tonight

Due to a combination of tiredness and an overriding desire to finish Southern Cross tonight, I’ve decided not to prep my images despite having written up most of the episodes I’ve watched today.
Here are my impressions:

Utawarerumono, episode 6: this is becoming uncompelling and silly.
Nana, episode 6: we receive no plot progression and are left with an episode substantially the same as the first with a little taken out and a little added in.
Angel Heart, episode 15: this is more inline with the City Hunter ideals. Slightly inconsistent character modeling, but infinitely better than episode 14.
Ouran High School Host Club, episode 6: Tamaki again shows his compassion and is rewarded with respect but is ultimately stabbed down into the ground.

Full articles tomorrow, possibly with the next installment of my Rose of Versailles series and the conclusion of Southern Cross.
I really need to find more time to power through my DVDs. You know, hoodrat anime.

Update: Just finished Southern Cross. What the eff was that ending, man?

Gokinjo Monogatari – episode 2

May 12, 2006 on 11:38 pm | In Gokinjo Monogatari | 2 Comments

“He is my childhood friend!”

You know what I love about this show? They don’t even try to make Shishido Rumi’s singing voice sound good. It makes the whole project fit into the understated mid-nineties scheme: full of heart, low of budget.

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Girls’ High – episode 4

May 12, 2006 on 11:34 pm | In Girls' High | 8 Comments

“Celebrate! Saki Girls Bloomers Hitherto”

I hate the world and I wish I were dead.

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Angel Heart – episode 14

May 12, 2006 on 11:31 pm | In Angel Heart | Comments Off on Angel Heart – episode 14

“The Return of City Hunter!”

How is Ryo outsourcing his work to Xiang Ying anything like “the return of City Hunter”? I thought that the premise of this episode was flawed, which was helped in no way by the fact that the animators forgot how to draw.
Aesthetically, this was painful to watch. Painful.

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Beach Blanket Bunnygirl – episode 6

May 12, 2006 on 11:26 pm | In Suzumiya Haruhi | Comments Off on Beach Blanket Bunnygirl – episode 6

“Remote Island Syndrome”

So, we’re all well acquainted with the fact that the main story of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi is being stretched across this series, with stories taken from other books in between.
Judging by the preview, this two parter won’t be resolved until the episode after next! You can’t leave us hanging on a fluffy murder mystery, folks: it’s just fluff, after all!

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Dystopolypse now!

May 12, 2006 on 12:14 am | In Anime Scene | 3 Comments

In my Film and History tutorial today, the idea of dystopic societies came up in relation to Mon Oncle, Jacques Tati’s farce about the vapidity of high society.

Now, I couldn’t really relate the idea of a scathing critique of consumerism to any real sort of dystopic ideals, because this was simply a dystopia of the mind – petty bourgeoisie consciousness.
I cited Kiba‘s Neotopia as an example of the worst kind of dystopia: one in which its citizens don’t realise that they are being oppressed, and thus gleefully accept the horrid punishments meted out by their corrupt governments. I then directly compared the public execution scene in episode 5 with a similar scene in V for Vendetta … and I got away with it.

I can’t believe that I brought up Kiba, of all things! Anime that handles such big issues with all of the subtlety and grace of a meerkat eating a hippopotamus! In retrospect, I should have cited Brave New World, which has a genuine veneer of respect. It’s a different kind of government conditioning, but it works so much better. In that it doesn’t make me feel filthy.

In summary: damn you, Kiba! Damn your insidious didacticism! Damn you all to hell!

Ouran High School Host Club – episode 5

May 10, 2006 on 11:47 pm | In Ouran High School Host Club | 6 Comments

“The Twins Fight”

Poi, poi poi poi poi poi poi poi, poi Katamari Hosuto Bu …

Aww, check that out. On top of the hilarity we get Tamaki saying something genuine. Who would have thought? This show is in trouble of becoming a little Fruits Basket like (“… she touches the hearts of all she meets. She is … Pika Pika Onigiri-chan!”), but that’s not really a genuine problem.

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Kiba – episode 6

May 10, 2006 on 11:14 pm | In Kiba | Comments Off on Kiba – episode 6

“Premature Outcome”

When your B story is so much more interesting than your A story, and when your B character is infinitely more interesting than your A character despite the fact that he’s only capable of being horrified about what’s going on around him, that’s when you’ve got trouble.

Kiba takes a jump off the subtlety train and conveys messages about government responsibility that are about as delicate as a brick to the head.

Spoilers for Noagate within

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Nana – episode 5

May 10, 2006 on 11:02 pm | In Nana | 2 Comments

Travel toooooooo … thaaaaaa moooon …

Can I be forgiven for loving Black Nana right now? I really liked her story, and was kind of moved by what this episode had to offer.

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Utawarerumono – episode 5

May 10, 2006 on 10:58 pm | In Utawarerumono | 2 Comments

“The Daughter of the Forest”

Okay, what the heckfire was up with this? There were a couple of inexplicable “comedy” scenes, a deus ex machina situation and … Mukuru has become Chewbacca.
The actual plot building was good, but … nothing can prepare you for the terror of Mukuru attempting to breastfeed from Eruruu. I knew it was coming beforehand, and I was still freaked out of my mind.

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