Zegapain – episode 4

May 25, 2006 on 10:34 pm | In Zegapain | Comments Off on Zegapain – episode 4

“Shanghai Server”

Keywords featured in this episode led to wild speculation on my part. Look within for such wild speculation!

Contains: Wild speculation for which the author will not be held accountable in the event of inaccuracy.
WARNING: Wild speculation may be both wild and speculative.

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Girls’ High – episode 5

May 25, 2006 on 9:57 pm | In Girls' High | 4 Comments


The titular cracks refer not to the girls falling out, but rather to those in the relationship of Yuma and Momoka. Yeah, great.
What would be an okay episode of television is really spoiled by the fact that this is one of the ugliest shows out there. People didn’t like Ginban Kaleidoscope‘s aesthetic, but at least it was consistent.
For the record, this contained no fan service despite featuring a high kick that would have made that an easy option.

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Utawarerumono – episode 7

May 23, 2006 on 10:40 pm | In Utawarerumono | 1 Comment

“Advance towards the emperor”

There’s nothing like a mob and, this being so, this story arc comes to an end. New characters! New situations! Thrills and excitement!

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Ouran High School Host Club – episode 7

May 23, 2006 on 10:32 pm | In Ouran High School Host Club | 3 Comments

“Jungle Pool SOS”

Ridiculous to the point of sublimation, Ouran High School Host Club sets off all triggers of happiness.

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Black Lagoon – episode 4

May 21, 2006 on 11:28 pm | In Black Lagoon | 3 Comments

“The Return of the Eagle”

Nazis, old and new! Plunder the old, destroy the new! That’s my motto.

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Yakitate!! Japan desu yo! – episode 63

May 21, 2006 on 11:23 pm | In Yakitate!! Japan | 4 Comments

“Seaweed Bread Showdown!! A really famous person is going to appear, you know!”

All of “Yakitate!! 9″‘s rules are thrown out of the window in order to make things more interesting. As Kawachi says “isn’t this just like those old game shows where they cheated the contestants?”. It is indeed.
Clearly an impartial third party should have created the format of this television show.

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Nadia Omake Theatre – episode 2

May 21, 2006 on 11:21 pm | In Nadia | 1 Comment

“This is Neo-Atlantis!”

The Triumph of the Wills reduced to two and a half minutes. GAiNAX achieved this by editing out all of the marching.

Nothing but two images after the cut

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Yakitate!! Japan – episode 62

May 21, 2006 on 11:19 pm | In Yakitate!! Japan | Comments Off on Yakitate!! Japan – episode 62

“The sibling showdown!! The first-class man chosen by dad!”

Kuroyanagi does not die, thanks to Tsutsumi’s love of cooking. The result was partially unexpected, too.

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Digimon Savers – episode 6

May 18, 2006 on 11:06 pm | In Digimon Savers | 2 Comments

“Masaru-Agumon Combination Destroyed!? Hurricane, Garurumon!”

The inevitable happens! Also, they’re really messing with established evolutionary trends here. Don’t reinvent the wheel, people!

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Kiba – episode 7

May 18, 2006 on 10:30 pm | In Kiba | Comments Off on Kiba – episode 7

“Awakened thoughts”

I could not bring myself to dislike this episode, despite the fact that it’s almost cemented Robés as a “No! My beautiful face!” character. Zedd must be okay after all.

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