Yakitate!! Japan – episode 55

March 13, 2006 on 5:31 pm | In Yakitate!! Japan | 1 Comment

“Awaken!! Super Kuroyanagi!”

Boring DBZ parody and too much putting down of Kawachi makes for a fairly uninteresting episode of Yakitate!! Japan.

Did you know? This episode actually aired in Japan in November 2005!
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HanTsuki – episode 5

March 13, 2006 on 4:35 pm | In HanTsuki | Comments Off on HanTsuki – episode 5

“One Stopped Minute”

Too much of this show makes no sense of any variety. Enclosed you will find bizarre seduction, weak justification of bastardry and, unsurprisingly, more violence than ever before seen in a hospital show!

Slight spoilers
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Rescue Wings – episode 2

March 13, 2006 on 1:00 pm | In Rescue Wings | 1 Comment

“Difficult Job”

A good episode that gives a feel for what the “rescue” part of this series will be like, with an unfortunate over reliance on the cliché to get its message across.
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Suzuka – episodes 11-14

March 13, 2006 on 11:27 am | In Suzuka | 3 Comments

A spot of very good stuff right here, almost certainly destined for a fall. I find it sad just how much Suzuka panders to the plot with her wildly fluctuating mood.

All Suzuka entries from now on will be spoiler mine fields
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HanTsuki – episode 4

March 9, 2006 on 11:33 pm | In HanTsuki | Comments Off on HanTsuki – episode 4

“Only one day of school life”

When Natsume came on the screen, I was overcome by a severe case of “Gartenitis”, a condition with the symptom of “not caring a damn about any of the characters in this God-forsaken anime”. When he left the screen, I saw a return to some of the tone that I liked about the first episode of HanTsuki.

That’s not to say that it all made sense.
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Mushishi – episode 14

March 9, 2006 on 7:22 pm | In Mushishi | Comments Off on Mushishi – episode 14

“Inside the Cage”

Tremendously sad yet slightly hopeful, “Inside the Cage” is a masterstroke of Mushishi about a selflessness of love that is too strong to survive.
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Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora – episode 3

March 7, 2006 on 10:33 pm | In HanTsuki | 2 Comments

“The End of Ezaki’s collection … and”

Let me preface this article with the following: if the hospital featured in HanTsuki was real, I would personally see to it that it was razed and rebuilt as a new hospital with a staff not composed of unprofessional bastards.

Basically, I really hate Natsume. Even though I can understand his actions, I do not believe them justifiable or forgivable. Rika and Yuuichi get on fine, but … Natsume!

Episode spoilers due to my distaste for the contents
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Bleach – episode 70

March 7, 2006 on 9:28 pm | In Bleach | 1 Comment

Bleach is striking almost the right balance of school life comedy and supernatural gadding about. This episode has some okay comedy, but where it most stands out is in its hilarious application of late eighties and early nineties OVA villainry rules.

Spoiler: If you’ve seen episode 69, there will be no spoilers here. This will be my only buffer for this particular spoiler.
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Suzuka episodes 6-10

March 7, 2006 on 6:43 pm | In Suzuka | 3 Comments

Images come from episodes 8, 9 and 10

I got some great feedback from my last Suzuka ramblings: “I liked it too, at first,” was the gist of the arguments, “But by the end I wished all of the characters were dead.”
As a result I’ve decided to return to my old style of writing completed series in instalments as it’s a hell of a lot easier to write and my initial goal in writing this site was to chart how I felt towards a series as it progressed (hence “pilgrimage”). Basically it’s selfish writing, but I like it.

Right now, Suzuka is walking a very fine line between frustration and enjoyable drama. There are surprises in these episodes, and a new character, but Suzuka partially reverts to type in a big disappointment.
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Rescue Wings – episode 1

March 6, 2006 on 11:00 pm | In Rescue Wings | 1 Comment

“First Job”

Before I begin, I have to digress. Am I the only one who, just looking at the title, is forced to sing “Take/ these Rescue Wings/ and learn to fly again”?
Rescue Wings is the not-very-pretty new series from J.C. Staff. It’s early days yet, and that TV Tokyo watermark really annoys me, but things are looking okay.
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