Bleach – episode 66

February 11, 2006 on 5:02 pm | In Bleach | Comments Off on Bleach – episode 66

Ririn is incredibly ugly and subjects Ishida, Ichigo and Renji to an ultimately pointless puzzle. The story is fairly lame, but Kon saves the episode and makes it close to entertainment. I don’t “grade” episodes, or anything else for that matter, but I would give this episode “not bad”.
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Monster – episode 74

February 9, 2006 on 1:15 pm | In Monster | 18 Comments

“The Real Monster”

Last week I wrote something very brief for the conclusion of Monster. I quickly scrapped it because I think the series deserves something more. When I reach the end of certain anime, I feel as if the series in question was more of a waking dream. Monster was just that nebulous, with an epilogue episode that very deliberately leaves some questions not so much unanswered as it leaves their answers unrevealed to the audience.

Ultimately, Monster is one of my favourite anime ever. If something can stir as much emotion as this, it’s definitely worthwhile. I laughed (very briefly), I cried (explosively), I convulsed in horror (on several occasions). Monster comes with my highest recommendation.

Epic spoilers – but not every spoiler possible!
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Series dropped

February 9, 2006 on 12:29 pm | In Site News | Comments Off on Series dropped

In the interests of time, I’m dropping Ginban Kaleidoscope altogether and also, in a fit of irony, Black Cat. If I don’t do this, I severely doubt I’ll manage to touch the new season at all. My interests that way lie in Yomigaeru and Hantsuki. I think I might just skip the fanservice this time around.

On the way is my final Monster, if I ever finish it, and also the Mushishi catch up (about the only thing on this site that isn’t my fault).

City Hunter: Goodbye, My Sweetheart

February 6, 2006 on 3:24 pm | In City Hunter | Comments Off on City Hunter: Goodbye, My Sweetheart

Released commercially as City Hunter: The Motion Picture.

Yet another City Hunter TV special, this time to commemorate ten years of City Hunter animation. Like most other City Hunter specials, Goodbye, my Sweetheart is decidedly overblown, derivative and lacking a lot of what made the TV series so enjoyable.
Still, it offers some themes that were never explored in the series that would later become plot points of Angel Heart, and has decidedly high production values.

This was actually the first City Hunter property to be released on DVD in the US, as a litmus test for the series. It must have worked after a fashion, but Goodbye, My Sweetheart is one of the more illogical stories offered by the franchise.
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Monster – episode 74

February 1, 2006 on 11:53 pm | In Monster | 2 Comments

“The Real Monster”

So, who is the real monster? This was the epilogue I hoped for, but what a leading ending!

Spoilers abound in Monster town
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Monster – episode 73

February 1, 2006 on 9:26 pm | In Monster | 5 Comments

“The Landscape of the End”

Monster is about to come full circle. A deceptively quiet episode of monochromatic proportions. You do not get to choose how you will die; Johan will choose how you die, and when.

You bet there are spoilers!
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Monster – episode 72

February 1, 2006 on 5:02 pm | In Monster | 1 Comment

“A man without a name”

A game of table turning clouds up Johan’s motives once more. Involves a revelation that’s painfully obvious in retrospect; but will it mean anything?

Spoilers ahead!
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Monster – episode 71

February 1, 2006 on 2:40 pm | In Monster | 3 Comments

“The Magnificent Steiner’s Rage”

Tears were brought forth. This was a combination of many moments of exhiliration and many, many more of astonishment.

Spoilers to the max; don’t even think about it if you don’t want to be spoiled.
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Monster – episode 70

February 1, 2006 on 12:45 pm | In Monster | Comments Off on Monster – episode 70

“The town of slaughter”

Disturbances all around! Setting up the inevitable ending, even as it raises the roof to new levels of terror. I could see some of these developments coming, but part of Monster‘s beauty is the recognition of some events before they’re explicitly stated.

Spoilers ahead for the foreseeable future!
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The Snow Queen – episode 6

February 1, 2006 on 10:23 am | In The Snow Queen | 1 Comment

“The Girl and the Peas”

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find stories about terminally ill children terribly depressing. “The Girl and the Peas” is like that for most of its run, but then we’re all reminded that The Snow Queen is, at heart, a fairytale.
The ideas about hope and that “miracles” are actually caused by determination, were quite nice.
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