Happy, Juicy Days Ahead!

January 19, 2006 on 11:19 pm | In Site News | Comments Off on Happy, Juicy Days Ahead!

Stand by!

Angel Heart – episode 9

January 18, 2006 on 10:27 pm | In Angel Heart | Comments Off on Angel Heart – episode 9

“Shanin: her lost name”

With this, I’m out of Angel Heart until who knows when. Come back to me, anime with ambiguously drawn battle lines!
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Backlog and new season

January 17, 2006 on 11:43 pm | In Site News | 2 Comments

The backlog work progresses at blinding speed! I won’t pick up any new shows until I’m up to date, but because everything released so far looks like fan service pap, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much.

Any recommendations? Anything you want me to comment on? Because, you know, I’m quite amicable to interaction with readers – you can even leave comments (please leave comments)!

Bleach – episode 63

January 17, 2006 on 11:15 pm | In Bleach | 1 Comment

Blah. A recap episode with “commentary”, plus a slightly extended and poorly animated yet marginally nice epilogue.
During this episode, I realised that I don’t really watch anime for action. Then I wondered why I actually watch Bleach at all: peer pressure. Damned peers.
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Paradise Kiss – episode 10

January 17, 2006 on 9:34 pm | In Paradise Kiss | 2 Comments


Isabella finally gets to become slightly more than furniture, although showing her loveless childhood serves mainly to demonstrate that George was conceited even at ten; that, perhaps, he still hasn’t grown up.
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Mushishi – episode 9

January 16, 2006 on 9:23 pm | In Mushishi | Comments Off on Mushishi – episode 9

“The Heavy Seed”

For all the talk about how depressing Mushishi is, and that all of the episodes lack happy endings, I find that the primary message of this anime is hope. Despite the themes of death, the ultimate feel of this episode was optimism and assurance.
An excellent course to stay.
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Angel Heart – episode 8

January 15, 2006 on 1:59 pm | In Angel Heart | 1 Comment

“True friends”

Ryo breaks the implausibility barrier for the sake of entertainment and Glass Heart’s satisfaction. Again, good stuff … but where the hell is Miki?
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Black Cat – episode 9

January 15, 2006 on 12:18 pm | In Black Cat | 1 Comment

“A Charming Cat”

You know, Black Cat has not actually provided a convincing argument for having been licenced. As far as I can tell, the cease and desist applied only to Tsubasa and Solty Rei. The internet is disappointingly underdocumented on this case, and some fans are the usual stupid “omg I can’t believe it’s been licenced!” people (if I have lost your custom because you hate licensors, good – you give anime fans a bad name).

Anyway, I have returned to Black Cat and will drop it only when something substantial comes up … like an actual licence announcement.
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Angel Heart – episode 7

January 14, 2006 on 11:22 pm | In Angel Heart | Comments Off on Angel Heart – episode 7

“I should love this town of mine”

An excellent episode, and the strange part is that it all feels natural: Ryo and Glass Heart go together as if they were made for each other, even without the involvement of Kaori. There are some new ideas for old characters here, and they’re weird; still, this episode works perfectly as an extension of what was already a living world, contrasting perfeclty with the theme of fatalism that runs as the subtext.
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Monster – episode 68

January 14, 2006 on 8:21 pm | In Monster | Comments Off on Monster – episode 68


Not thrilling as Monster goes, but “Ruhenheim” is a great example of a slow boil that brings back two characters and perfectly sets up the last ten episodes of the story.
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