Bleach – episode 60

December 12, 2005 on 11:18 pm | In Bleach | 2 Comments

Man, that was actually some good Bleach. I’m in love with these developments! If they can keep momentum, colour me impressed! Given the nature of Bleach and the time of night, forgive me if my thoughts are somewhat disjointed.

Intense spoilers follow!
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Mushishi – episode 7

December 12, 2005 on 9:07 pm | In Mushishi | Comments Off on Mushishi – episode 7

“The rain falls, a rainbow forms”

I hereby vow not to declare any episodes of any series “the best episode so far”.
Anyway, in this, the best episode of Mushishi so far, Ginko builds a camaraderie with a man who plans to hunt and capture a rainbow in a jar. Excellent stuff.
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Paradise Kiss – episode 7

December 12, 2005 on 4:38 pm | In Paradise Kiss | Comments Off on Paradise Kiss – episode 7


It’s scary just how much nicer than George Hiro is. New sides of some characters are shown, and some previously introduced aspects are emphasised.
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Ginban Kaleidoscope – episode 3

December 12, 2005 on 2:37 pm | In Ginban Kaleidoscope | Comments Off on Ginban Kaleidoscope – episode 3

“Triple Trouble”

This anime is fun to watch when I don’t want to think much. Sadly it’s also a good comedy to watch when I don’t want to laugh much, but what can you do?
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Angel Heart – episode 2

December 12, 2005 on 12:13 pm | In Angel Heart | Comments Off on Angel Heart – episode 2

“Kaori has returned”

Considering that Angel Heart is easily my most anticipated program of the year, I really should have tackled this much earlier. However, if you consider how long it took me to get around to it you may understand the depth of my funk.

That aside, this episode shows that Angel Heart very explicitly states some things that City Hunter treated in an unspoken, but not exactly subtle, fashion. The tone that we may come to expect is set fairly well, and in all we’re given a satisfactory introduction to what comes after the fall.
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Too good, too bad

December 11, 2005 on 8:29 pm | In Site News | Comments Off on Too good, too bad

It looks like Black Cat has been licenced. I’d give you an explicit link to the news, but I can’t really find one. Funimation, please be more clear in your announcements!
The thing that is truly bizarre is that Black Cat is the only thing in my months of watching fansubs that has actually been licenced, and now I don’t know what to feel. I just think it was “picked up” at a good time.

If this all turns out to be blatantly wrong, I will cheerfully return to it.

Until then, I have decided to give up on making promises for updates. Someday I will be completely up to date, and on that day I will dance.
Until then, feel free to visit my village in Animal Crossing DS.

Mushishi – episode 6

December 6, 2005 on 8:14 pm | In Mushishi | Comments Off on Mushishi – episode 6

“The Herd That Drinks Dew Drops”

Human will is a strange thing. Mushishi is beginning to distinguish itself by paying more attention to the feelings of the mushi affected characters. Not everything in this world is cut and dry.
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Monster – episode 67

December 5, 2005 on 3:41 pm | In Monster | 2 Comments

“I’m home”

This show is becoming seriously messed up. No, seriously. This episode was chock full of revelations, so abandon hope all ye who enter not wanting to know what happened.
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Black Cat – episode 8

December 5, 2005 on 2:20 pm | In Black Cat | 2 Comments

“A Traveling Cat”

Six months have passed and Train has become Sven II, although somehow with even less worries than our eyepatched hero. Somehow, I like this direction.
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Paradise Kiss – episode 6

December 5, 2005 on 11:30 am | In Paradise Kiss | Comments Off on Paradise Kiss – episode 6

“New World”

An auspicious episode to welcome me back to the fold.
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