Monster – episode 66

November 2, 2005 on 12:44 pm | In Monster | Comments Off on Monster – episode 66

“Welcome home”

This episode features some of Monster‘s best music since way back when Reichwein was being hunted by Roberto. It also acts as a good examination of the past, shedding some light on some things while muddying Johan’s motives all the more.
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Monster – episode 65

October 17, 2005 on 8:31 pm | In Monster | Comments Off on Monster – episode 65

“Johan’s footprints”

What an episode! Tenma, Eva and Nina! It’s like Monster Heaven!
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Monster – episode 64

October 14, 2005 on 10:46 pm | In Monster | Comments Off on Monster – episode 64

“The Baby’s Depression”

This episode was named for The Baby, but it should have been named for Capek. The amount of animation they spent on Capek’s horror weighed the episode more in the ambiguous man’s favour, despite the first half “belonging” to The Baby.

In writing it up, I realised that the true strength of this episode – an episode that focuses on a triangle of villains – is its precise examination of humanity, something present even in scum.
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Monster – episode 63

October 12, 2005 on 11:12 am | In Monster | Comments Off on Monster – episode 63

“An Irrelevant Homicide”

You may have noticed that this is my first entry for the Monster series. This is going to make the work much harder for me. While I work something out, I recommend visiting Memento for backstory detail.
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