April! Time spent bloggin’

April 1, 2006 on 11:59 pm | In Anime Scene, Site News | 17 Comments

You know my daddy blogged anime for his whole life
And he never knew nothing more
Yeah and his daddy done the blog like his old man
Who had blogged before the war
And though she couldn’t have known till I was born
My poor mama God rest her soul
Like them I come out bloggin’
-“Bloggin'”, Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven’s Door

I presently have no idea where my laptop is, but it contains four updates. I’ll put them up when my precious cargo has been safely returned to me.

It’s April 1st in some parts of the world, and it looks like the anime community has been swept up in a storm of “I’m quitting!” messages. The one written on Equivocal Resolution mentions that each entry takes about two hours to write.

Now I’m not sure how to take that, it might be a blatant lie. But it did make me wonder how long people spend writing their entries. Mentar once said that it takes him about four hours to write up an episode.

In comparison, I’m kind of ashamed to admit the amount of time I spend on my site nowadays. There have been some entries (such as Sugar) that have taken me literally months to write – and I’ve never been satisfied with those – but almost all of the entries I have made in March have taken me between ten and thirty minutes to write and I don’t think the quality has suffered as a result: if I say what I intended to say, then my mission has been successful. (this figure does not include image preparation, which used to take me so long that I would just swear at my computer for hours at a time)

I think that when the words come easily, there’s no fear. I’ve been working on a Rozen Maiden article since December that I will amost certainly add a few words to and just kick onto the site so that I can finally let it go and allow myself to watch Traümend.

So, to all anime bloggers: how long do you spend on an entry? Do you release things you’re not satisfied with onto an unsuspecting public? My scheme might change now that I’m on top of things, but it’s always interesting to see what the “other side” is thinking.

Honey & Clover ni-go and State of the Nation

March 28, 2006 on 6:49 pm | In Site News | 2 Comments

All over the inter net is the news that Honey & Clover has been granted a sequel. Some worry that lightning isn’t going to strike twice – especially with the great ending offered by the first series.

The other news is that I’m this close to kicking the arse off of my sub backlog which means I can return to the world of DVDs and maybe even get some university work done.

I’ve also been quite disturbed to read that people think no one writes about “older” shows any more: I would like to point to my two years’ worth of archives which stretch back as far as 1977.

PS. I tried all night to fix up this god forsaken corner of the internet. I’ll reinstate lost comments tomorrow.

Good news all around!

March 15, 2006 on 6:19 pm | In Site News | Comments Off on Good news all around!

I hadn’t bothered to watch last week’s Bleach because C21 had been spreading vague words of its licencing. This press release from Viz leaves me no doubts as to its being licenced and so … goodbye, Ichigo and Kon! You’ve sure been … good to me!

The other good news is that I forgot that Anime Pilgrimage celebrated its two year anniversary last Wednesday. To retaliate I’ve transferred to WordPress because Movable Type was really starting to grind my gears. Into the deal I’ve even posted an aboot page featuring an eighteen month old photo of me standing next to a really, really tall man.
(don’t worry about the layout; I’ll make it cooler given some time)

There is no need to adjust your links; you may have to change your aggregation, though. I’ll get right on that. (Did anyone notice that blog好き rocks out this whole corner of the inter nets?)

The wilderness of reality

February 26, 2006 on 10:18 am | In Site News | Comments Off on The wilderness of reality

I’ve been living the nightmare for the last week: my main computer broken, no internet access on the other.

Prepare for vague promises of catch-up!

Clear out

February 12, 2006 on 6:04 pm | In Site News | Comments Off on Clear out

I’m presently working on articles that have laid unfinished for months – some as far back as late August. Don’t be surprised to be some quite random stuff, all based on DVD, popping up here and there.

Series dropped

February 9, 2006 on 12:29 pm | In Site News | Comments Off on Series dropped

In the interests of time, I’m dropping Ginban Kaleidoscope altogether and also, in a fit of irony, Black Cat. If I don’t do this, I severely doubt I’ll manage to touch the new season at all. My interests that way lie in Yomigaeru and Hantsuki. I think I might just skip the fanservice this time around.

On the way is my final Monster, if I ever finish it, and also the Mushishi catch up (about the only thing on this site that isn’t my fault).

Happy, Juicy Days Ahead!

January 19, 2006 on 11:19 pm | In Site News | Comments Off on Happy, Juicy Days Ahead!

Stand by!

Backlog and new season

January 17, 2006 on 11:43 pm | In Site News | 2 Comments

The backlog work progresses at blinding speed! I won’t pick up any new shows until I’m up to date, but because everything released so far looks like fan service pap, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much.

Any recommendations? Anything you want me to comment on? Because, you know, I’m quite amicable to interaction with readers – you can even leave comments (please leave comments)!

It’s 2006?

January 11, 2006 on 11:34 pm | In Site News | Comments Off on It’s 2006?

I appear to have not written anything all year. To guilt myself into getting Anime Pilgrimage DX up to date, I provide for your entertainment the list of stuff I have not yet done:

  • Ginban Kaleidoscope 4 and 5
  • Snow Queen 5
  • Mushishi 9
  • Paradise Kiss 10 and 11
  • Bleach 62-63 special
  • Angel Heart 7, 8 and 9
  • I’ve conquered my latest funk and, to be honest, have already written two of these, so it should be okay. I’ve neglected to include the completed series that I’ve still got to put up. Look forward to a semi-industrious 2006!

    Inter net repairs

    December 26, 2005 on 12:13 pm | In Site News | 1 Comment

    I will try to fix things up soon, because I’m really not enjoying this “one day a week” bit. Too bad I’m kind of sick. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and that Kaori Santa visited all the good boys and girls of the inter nets.

    By the way, is the new “Giant Image” approach working for you, or are the images perhaps too giant?

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