Bleach – episode 59

November 23, 2005 on 10:39 pm | In Bleach | Comments Off on Bleach – episode 59

The end of one part of the story means the beginning of another! It also appears to mean the total neglect of Yamamoto and company. Still, the expedience of the Byakuya versus Ichigo match wrap up was admirable.

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Bleach – episode 58

November 21, 2005 on 2:34 pm | In Bleach | Comments Off on Bleach – episode 58

There’s something about Bleach that angers me: Ichigo deliberately allows himself to get stabbed near to death just so that he can say “Fooled you: I’ve actually got this mega awesome attack”.

This episode’s like that, plus it has bureaucracy and boobs.
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Bleach – episode 57

November 10, 2005 on 10:11 am | In Bleach | 1 Comment

There is some good, worthy material in this episode, but more than half of it is a pace killer, and one quarter is utterly, utterly pointless.
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Bleach – episode 56

November 2, 2005 on 11:26 pm | In Bleach | Comments Off on Bleach – episode 56

Better. Warmer. More focused. Still in a million places.
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Bleach – episode 55

November 2, 2005 on 10:15 pm | In Bleach | Comments Off on Bleach – episode 55

Well, I’ve started it. I’m not going to bother telling you what Bleach is because everyone on the inter nets knows what it is. I’m not exactly its biggest fan and I don’t know why I’m still watching it, but here I go.

Keep in mind that, given the insanely huge amount of characters, I have to consult an encyclopedia just to write one of these entries; I suffer for my art.
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