Mushishi – episode 5

November 28, 2005 on 11:01 pm | In Mushishi | Comments Off on Mushishi – episode 5

“The Traveling Swamp”

This episode introduces a new recurring character and clears up a lot of the moral ambiguities of the mushi. Lots of my favourite shows raise questions about the nature of humanity, and Mushishi is no exception.
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Mushishi – episode 4

November 21, 2005 on 6:34 pm | In Mushishi | Comments Off on Mushishi – episode 4

“The Pillow Lane”

What a great and terrible episode. Ginko treats a middle-aged man, and now I realise why he does not normally follow this path. The darkness and tragedy inherent to this episode make it easily the best of an already excellent pick.
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Mushishi – episode 3

November 8, 2005 on 10:14 pm | In Mushishi | Comments Off on Mushishi – episode 3

“Tender horns”

I’m surprised how effectively SD faces can work for this series. Another great episode, which disappointingly focuses on yet another child after dealing with a whole village; maybe I should expect Ginko to deal with children and be done with it.
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Mushishi – episode 2

November 2, 2005 on 2:00 pm | In Mushishi | 1 Comment

“Light in the eyelids”

I used to think I really hated horror, but anime horror I can deal with; this episode was a bit more out there than the first, but it retains class. Besides which, Mushishi more supernatural than horror.
I’m not entirely sure that Ginko should have dealt with children for two consecutive episodes, as it might set a precedent, but this series is pure beauty.
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Mushishi – episode 1

October 28, 2005 on 9:55 pm | In Mushishi | 1 Comment

“The Green Chair”

This is beautiful, spiritual anime with that true respect for nature that is easy to recognise in some anime. Bad as it is to say, but if you want to capture me in your early days, you’ve got to be a little unusual; Mushishi has that.
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