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Heroes Season 2: Episode 6

“The Line”

From my notes for this week’s episode: “I hate this show”. Yeah, it’s like that. Heroes is an uphill battle, one that I continue to wage because, as far as I can see, I don’t want to concede defeat.

Spoilerzzzzzzzzz …

Heroes Season 2: Episode 5

“Fight Or Flight”

Get your stale week old Heroes write up here! The content of the episode was so stale you won’t even notice! Remember the Mohinder voice overs? They’re back hardcore, and they tell us everything we need to know about human nature! (PS. Mohinder could totally beat Meredith Grey in a fight.)
Oh yeah, and did Tim Kring remember to tell you that Heroes has black people in it now? Because Heroes has black people in it now. They’re black.

Woefully outdated spoilers

Heroes Season 2: Episode 4

“The Kindness of Strangers”

It may surprise you to hear that the first thing I said upon completing this episode was “I didn’t hate that.” But, well, I didn’t hate this. You know, it almost harkened back to glory days of old on Heroes, when things were intriguing and didn’t suck.

Plus, finally, Heroes has black people. Not just black people, mind, but Black People About Whom George Bush Doesn’t Care. Righteous.

Spoilers! I’ve got to pick up the pace, people!