2007: The Auspicious Beginnings on Screen

With the realisation that the two posts I had written to kick off 2007 were generally negative, I decided that I had better start the year on a positive note. Thus, I shall present the highlights of the next two months in Australian cinema!

January 2007

I can’t find any listings for January 11, which is strange indeed.

Blood Diamond

January 4
I’m not expecting anything ground breaking, but this movie looks interesting to behold. I like the idea of Leonardo DiCaprio putting on a South African accent; I’m generally happy that he’s proving himself a more than capable actor. Coupled with Jennifer Connelly, who has been consistently kicking arses since she started with David Bowie’s back in the day, and a man named Digimon (okay, Djimon), how can this movie go far wrong? The previous effort of this director, The Last Samurai, wasn’t entirely accurate but it was still more than enjoyable.

Pan’s Labyrinth

January 18
I’ve done a good job of avoiding all press on this, although I did read Neil Gaiman saying that Guillermo del Toro did his own subtitling because he was disappointed with one of the prior English translations of his films. I think I can handle the darkness. If not, I can always escape into candy coated cinema.


January 18
Jamie Foxx had better make up for Miami Vice, Beyoncé Knowles had better make up for Goldmember (she admitted that, up until now, she hasn’t really been “acting” so much as appearing on screen), and Eddie Murphy? He can relax; I haven’t seen a movie featuring him since Bowfinger. Dreamgirls a fictionalised close to reality music industry movie! Hopefully it won’t be the cookie cutter effort of Ray or Walk the Line. Having not seen Ray, I shouldn’t really say that – and I shouldn’t blame Ray Charles for his own life being so cinematically sensational, but still. Could there be any better Diana Ross analogue than Beyoncé? I think not.

For Your Consideration

January 25
Much as I like Christopher Guest, the trailer that I saw for this movie makes it look kind of excruciating. It’s a bit too … deliberately wanky, I guess, for my taste. I’ll probably still see it.

The Fountain

January 25
Time travelling and cancer or something, I don’t know. This’ll either be a challenge, excruciating, or easy to cruise through. I got reacquainted with obtuse cinema on the weekend and found that I didn’t really miss it that much, but that won’t stop me from trying here.

Miss Potter

January 25
Why does Renee Zellweger get all of the British roles? It truly is strange. I like the cast of this film, although my newly reacquired cynicism suggests to me that Beatrix Potter had less of a childlike wonder than she did some sort of hallucinatory psychosis.

February 2007

Rocky Balboa

February 1
Rising up, back on the streets? I’ve not seen any Rocky films, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film featuring Sylvester Stallone (um … Footloose had John Lithgow in it, and he was the villain in Cliffhanger … so I’ve seen him vicariously?).
So I could watch hours of diminishing returns as training for this movie, or I could just go with everyone and think “how did this movie turn out better than anyone dreamed?” We should not forget that sometimes guts and determination can revitalise talent that was once thought lost. If only Estelle Getty could have reprised her role from Stop or my mom will shoot!
Live and learn.

Stranger than Fiction

February 1
Not only does this film star my beloved Emma Thompson, it also appears to have touched the nerve of many writerly people of my internet acquaintance. I’m really eagerly awaiting this one. As I’ve said: when given the right vehicle, Will Ferrell can be great. Still doesn’t excuse Zoolander.


February 8
Dear Woody Allen,
If this movie rocks out hard with the comedy and the Woody Allenness and I can finally welcome Scarlett Johansson into my heart totally, then I will go out and purchase all of your (good) movies.
Alex Doenau

Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

February 8
Why do they keep pushing this back? Why do people hate Jack Black? I want to see this movie before I go to see the D live in concert on January 16, and if I have to resort to dubious means to do so, by crikey I will! (but it will be sufficiently greatacular that I will see it at the cinema as well: I know it).

Notes on a Scandal

February 15

Judi Dench versus Cate Blanchett in a battle of emotional blackmail and neediness? Sold!

Letters from Iwo Jima

February 22
I sure as heckfire wish that I had seen Flags of our Fathers, despite the fact that the trailer bored me (the film was so subtle and layered that it was hard to represent its position in trailers, I believe). Hopefully it will see an Australian DVD release beforehand so I can go see this. Two sides of the same coin, you know.

So it looks like the next two months will be dandy! Let’s see how much Japanese I can forget before I return to university in March!

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