Merry Blerghmas!

Never fear, kind reader(s)! The “12 Months of Movies” feature will conclude! I had originally planned to do one month a day from the 18th until the 30th, but things interfered. For instance, I am presently enjoying the same fierce cold that I suffered at this time last year.

I am still aiming to have the feature done for the 30th, and then I will present unto thee a special feature for the 31st before I kick off to my New Year’s Eve party (the plan is for me to belt out “Life on Mars” on Singstar Legends while I watch other people get drunk).
What is this special feature? It’s so special I haven’t even decided yet! It’s such a nebulous concept that it can’t be pegged down, and if you consult me in 2007 to ask “‘ere, where’s that 31st of December special feature you promised?” I will look you in the eye and call you a liar, sir!

Here’s hoping that Christmas treated you well. I was planning to write an exposé that accused Love Actually of both deriding and revelling in the tackiness of Christmas time, but when I rewatched it on Saturday night I just felt it in my fingers and in my toes. It simply didn’t matter any more.

’cause on Christmas, you can depend!

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