12 Months of What Now?

I made a vague resolution that 2009 would be my exciting year of reinvention, which included kicking Batrock into shape and making it a consistent and entertaining website that I can eventually use to enslave thousands of fans and get them to do my bidding. (My business model – hey, at least I could get them all astir about DRM, right?)

In the works is supposed to be 12 Months of Movies 2008, but I was a bit lax with my ticket keeping this year. I would see a movie, and eventually the ticket would make its way into my drawer. In my Arrested Development fuelled “Alex Vista” excavation of 2009, I cleared them out and entered them into Excel. 89 tickets later (that’s including both Sydney and Japanese Film Festivals), it’s not right! I can’t have seen nothing in January! I recall that, just as Bolt was my first movie of 2009, I Am Legend was my first of 2008 (preliminarily, I’m saying 2009 has set a better precedent).

In the Final Push tomorrow (or “Once More Unto the Breach”, if you will), I will attempt to liberate January and a few others besides. I mean, 2008 wasn’t 2008 without Juno, There Will Be Blood, Atonement (also a 2007 movie for me!), No Country For Old Men (again, a crossover year hit), Charlie Wilson’s War or even Kung Fu Panda. Those are just the ones I remember! This cannot rest!

I’m doing this for you, faithful reader. But seriously, you can stop holding your breath. Self-inflicted brain damage isn’t a good look.

(Good lord! Sweeney Todd is missing, too! Both times!)

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