Fallout sucks

I’ve fallen on that old mainstay: the bait and switch. Thing is, Fallout might be a great game, but there’s no way I can know. I refuse to play it, because the damn thing won’t let me save. When big games like Fallout 3 are released, sometimes it’s the done thing to rerelease the ancient IP of the franchise in a cheap fashion.

So there I was, with my $18 collection of Fallouts 1, 2 & Tactics. I started up the game, and was impressed by the opening. It was very much like Bioshock, albeit eleven years ago. A fifties styled post-apocalypse is an effective apocalypse indeed: just ask Indiana Jones and his fridge.

I played the game for an hour, and cursed the days when there was no sort of configuration instructions held within the game, firing up the PDF manual and frequently consulting it (but still taking a year to figure out how to run). Then I saved it and went to bed.

The following day, I returned to the good people of Dark Sand, or wherever they lived (wherever it was, they were plagued by radscorpions, who wore hypercolour shirts). Being an obsessive saver, I went and talked to a few people, then attempted to save.

No dice.

Error Saving Game! You cannot save your game.

Yeah, well, this is an RPG, and I can’t rocket propel any grenade unless I can save the damned thing first. There seems to be a lack of documentation as to how to solve this problem, short of uninstalling and reinstalling.

I did that.

No dice.

Over the weekend, I might reattempt to fix the accursed game, and once again become a spunky Soviet gymnast spy girl. I’m telling you, if I can’t do that, what chance do I ever have of becoming a dog killa?


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