Closing off the Campaign

Congratulations, America, for putting in the man I thought was right for the job. The wind was taken out of my sails with the news that Proposition 8 passed, but I’ll get over it. Maybe by the time I want to get gay married, it will be a possibility.

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3 Responses to Closing off the Campaign

  1. Wavatar LintMan says:

    I just found your site via Shamus’ link. Anyway, aren’t you in Australia? If you’re willing to travel to the US to get married, you could still go to Massachusetts to do it, I think. Provincetown on Cape Cod is especially gay-friendly. There’s also Vancouver in Canada, which would probably be a good bit closer.

    I think in 30 years, this will be looked on in the same way as racial intermarriage laws were, but of course that doesn’t really help you much, now.

  2. Wavatar Alex says:

    I have no one to gay marry, but I think that precedents are set and so forth. It doesn’t directly effect me, but it has wider repercussions.

  3. Wavatar Philby says:

    word on the street is they just legalised gay marriage in connecticut, too.

    so maybe one day they’ll be civilized after all.

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