An Inconvenient Truth

“Oh no!” they cry, “He’s gone and seen a Leftocrat bleeding heart liberal movie! Run for the hills!”

Nothing says “prevent global warning” like “cartoon violence”.

Feel free to run. If you don’t like Al Gore, you’re probably not going to like this movie. I’d like to think that global warming is not really a political issue for the most part, but as this is part biopic that serves to show precisely why Gore does what he does, it does delve slightly into his own campaigns over the years.

Personally, I agree with that which Gore sets out here: we have a problem. I really need to see South Park‘s “ManBearPig” to get another view on the matter (despite the fact that I think the evidence is fairly well … incontrovertible) because there’s no way in heck “Al Gore’s Penguin Army” is anything approaching worthwhile. Even if I had something against Gore, the “Penguin Army” clip would still be crap.

An Inconvenient Truth is an almost bleak but more hopeful than expected examination of the world at large. Despite the fact that Australia deserves its place on the shame list for being one of only two developed countries to not ratify the Kyoto Protocol, this documentary should not be ignored. Unless you really want to, you know, drown. Or you want me to guilt you about your grandchildren’s futures. I can do that.

Please Note: This topic has the capability to be somewhat inflammatory, so if you disagree with this post please just walk away.

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