12 Months of Movies 2007 will conclude … in 2008

Time got away from me again, as it always does. I managed to keep my resolution last year, so this year I think I’ll follow up that success!

Next year I resolve to make a sitcom about a family of dinosaurs!

Oh, wait.

Anyway, rather than spend New Year’s Eve typing, as I vaguely recall doing last year even as I was in attendance at the party that ended spectacularly with everyone vomiting in the backyard while I slept way too hot upstairs, and then me watching The Incredibles with people vainly questing for mid-morning sobriety … I decided I’d just worry about it next year.
I’m sure that you can wait for my director’s cut, now including Spider-Man 3 for the month of May! Hint: it sucked. Also October featured a grand total of two movies, and only one of them was any good, and I saw it in September as well.

So I’ll see you all next year, and may you stay on the right side of alcohol, the law, and your good lady, or man, but not your lover’s fursona, because even I have my limits.

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