Ugly Betty Season 2: Episode 4

“Grin and Bear It”

Let’s do this quick, rollcage style. Whatever that means.

James Van Der Beek (Dawson!) enters the series as a guy who’s totally not cool with transsexuals (he considers Alexis a man in a dress); The advertising withdrawal scheme plotted by Wilhelmina makes little sense, because really advertising relationships should be ingrained; Alexis forgives Daniel for the accident, which makes total sense; and Betty has a boring story about plagiarism before she finds out that Henry is the actual father. Good! That means that we can see Betty have an interesting relationship. If she doesn’t, I will shake my fist.

In other news, Amanda’s on an ass quest (it’s an American show, so asses).

The big news of the episode is that Justin goes all delinquent and makes out with a girl, but finds absolution in the fact that she’s so charmingly charmless (“what’s your problem? It’s just be-ah.”).

Yeah, I like Ugly Betty. Next, on brief TV that you wonder why I bothered: House is entertaining again!

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