Heroes Season 2: Episode 5

“Fight Or Flight”

Get your stale week old Heroes write up here! The content of the episode was so stale you won’t even notice! Remember the Mohinder voice overs? They’re back hardcore, and they tell us everything we need to know about human nature! (PS. Mohinder could totally beat Meredith Grey in a fight.)
Oh yeah, and did Tim Kring remember to tell you that Heroes has black people in it now? Because Heroes has black people in it now. They’re black.

Woefully outdated spoilers

    Parkman and the Pussycats (Long Tails, and Ears for Hats)

    Mohinder gives Parkman a guilt trip for ruining Molly Walker. Nathan and Parkman make their way to the house of Parkman Senior, who claims that he’s scared that the killer is going to kill him, too, and that he’s thrilled that Parkman can read minds too.
    Well, like all absentee fathers with super powers, Parkman Senior is actually a dick, and tricks Nathan and Parkman into fighting each other. It’s only through Parkman’s realisation of an apparent power of suggestion that the two combatants break free – and realise that the photo with Parkman Senior’s face and the Godsend photo scrawled across it was actually a photo of Ned Ryerson.

    Ned Ryerson, LLC

    Mohinder takes Molly to The Company, finds out that Niki has gone on a rampage and almost chokes Ned Ryerson to death. Mohinder tries to set Niki free, but she wants to be cured. Then he’s sent off on his new job in …

    New Orleans

    Michelle refuses to identify the robber of the store, because she fears that he might exact retribution. She freaks out about what she can do, but then Micah tells her that she might be a muscle mimic, or copycat. So they go to the streets of New Orleans, filled as they are with African American kids doing what African American kids do (on TV, anyway), and Michelle learns many and valuable things, like how to skateboard and skip. Then she watches some old martial arts movies and I predict vigilante justice coming from her – that is, until Mohinder shows up and tells her that he’s here to help. Don’t trust him, Michelle! He forgot his accent!

    Increasingly Contrived Japan

    Ando gets a dude to treat the scrolls of Hiro, because some of them are illegible (and this is an arbitrary way to not reveal all of Hiro’s story at once, seeing as it’s obviously already happened – which history should bear out). Honestly, I can’t even remember what happens here – they pretty much put together the map to White Beard‘s camp and the scrolls cut short just before they dive in.

    The Pub That Never Closes

    Veronica Mars has been looking for Peter Petrelli and the Pub Traitor puts her on the scent. At the same time we learn that she has the power of Force Lightning. Peter Petrelli opens his box of mystery and finds that all it really contains is a passport, a picture of himself and Nathan (coupled with him being asked “Who’s that?” – he has amnesia!) and a ticket to Montreal. Ricky (née King Oirish) tells Peter Petrelli to hide out with Kaitlyn (née Girl Oirish), because Ricky has an stake in him now and can’t be putting up with any blonde girls stealing him away.
    While Peter Petrelli paints the future (himself and Kaitlyn on a street with French signs), Veronica Mars electrocutes Ricky to a char – but is told by her father to come back before she can get to Peter Petrelli. Peter realises that Ricky’s death is all his fault, and that he can’t hide anymore. It’s time … to foight.

The bad news is that Parkman has an active power. The good news is that he’s too big of an idiot to ever be able to figure out how to use it! It looks like it’s exactly the same power as his father had, which means that he can implant illusions in your mind that feed on your fears. Or he can just mess around with your head a little. I’m sensing that too much importance is going to be placed on Parkman this series, despite the fact that he’s like a fiftieth tier character.

The Michelle scenes are simply embarrassing, particularly because roughly 50% of the screen time is given to close ups of Micah smiling and laughing. If you’re putting close ups of kids smiling and laughing in your television program, you are not making television correctly. You are, in fact, contravening the laws of good television. The attempts to show that just because the only black character you had on your program before was an ex-con that not all black people are cons is “heartening”, I guess. Or this still has no direction, despite the involvement of the company.
Michelle is interesting just because she talks about “Gad” all the time. I wonder what she makes of evolution? I’m not sure I’ll ever understand people who believe that they have their paths indicated for them.

As to the latest from Oireland: I kind of hope that Veronica Mars works for a different organisation, or else her father is Ned Ryerson. I’m just amazed that this show is running on the fumes of a rag of zero intrigue right now.

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