My Name is Earl Season 3: Episodes 3 & 4

“The Frank Factor” and “Creative Writing”.

Damn you, Earl. Why do you always have to be noteworthy? You heard me! (and now, after I wrote that sentence, sadly not always for the right reasons).

Anyway, “The Frank Factor” dovetails nicely with season one’s “Y2K”, with some good Harry Monroe stuff and a strange but well integrated use of previous footage, as well as introducing Michael Rapaport, who is better acted here than in Bamboozled.

On the other hand, “Creative Writing” implies that they have run out of ideas and are hamstrung by the idea of prison. The second season’s episodes that were counter to the Earl formula, like the COPS episode, or the “My Name Is Earl/Joy/Randy/Crabman” masterstroke, were works of genius and nice reliefs, even if they had three of them in a row. This is less than stellar. It doesn’t employ dream logic, but seriously: lousy animation, a music video, and H.R. Pufnstuf. Yeah, I’ve got no idea what the eff.

At least next week is a proper episode again.

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