Smell the Glove Fear the Boot!

So you may recall Shamus’ gambit DM of the Rings. Well, Shamus is now owned by the denizens of the internet, and has followed it with a legitimately drawn comic, Chainmail Bikini.

The last year has left Shamus open to the darkest criticisms known to man, finding internet popularity, and already they’re trying to tear strips off of him. What we’ve got so far is writing comparable to DM of the Rings, which is not surprising because it’s been confirmed that they’re the same characters in the D&D group, drawings, and different fonts used for each character. While this makes sense to differentiate the characters from each other in the fantasy segments, I think that legibility may be a bit of a problem for Josh and Marcus.

Otherwise, I salute Shamus for having the ability to get a distinctive voice out there. As someone presently struggling to find my own voice, Beyonce style (if you don’t … if you won’t … listeeeeeeen), it’s something that I definitely admire. Some day, perhaps you’ll even want to read, gentle readers!

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