Movie Screenshot Game Round III: The Hunger for Combat

As per the rules, I’ve put in a new screenshot for the Movie Screenshot Game. No one knew the last one, it seems.

Click to enlarge

This one is much more of a gimme. Now come out of the woodwork, errant readers!

Update: Success! Reader Spencer successfully suggested that the movie in question was Love Actually! She doesn’t have her own blog, so hopefully I will get an email from her soon to put up the next image.

Behold! Round 4

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3 Responses to Movie Screenshot Game Round III: The Hunger for Combat

  1. Wavatar Spencer says:

    Love Actually

    I don’t have a blog. And I don’t know how I would get a screenshot of a movie anyway. Well, my computer has a DVD drive. Do I pause the movie and just do the normal screenshot procedure?

  2. Wavatar Alex says:

    Exactly right.

    As for taking screenshots, a program called VLC is good for playing DVDs. Pause and right click to get a screen capture going on, then email it to me (details in the “about” section) and I’ll put it up right away.

  3. Wavatar Mark says:

    Hooray for winners!

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