Movie Screenshot Game Round II: The Bloodening

Continuing Mark’s Adventure, let’s play the Movie Screenshot Game of destiny! Here are the rules, unceremoniously cut and pasted from the original:

  • I’m going to post a screenshot from a movie. If you’re the first person to guess the movie, you win!
  • If you win, you have to continue the game by posting a screenshot on your blog with the same rules outlined here (please link here as well). The winner of your round will host the next round, and so on.
  • If you don’t have a blog (and if you don’t want to start one), I’ll host the next round as well (the screenshot should still come from the winner, if possible). If you do have a blog, but the winner of your round doesn’t, you should host the next round too.
  • Once the winner posts their screenshot, Mark will link to it from this post. Each winner needs to link to the next winner, and so on.
  • Only movies are eligible. No television shows.
  • If no one can figure out the answer within 3 days, then you’ve stumped the internet. If you want, you can give hints. If we still have no winner, then congratulations, you’ve won. Maybe I’ll start a hall of fame or something. Give everyone the answer, and post another screenshot (or pass the baton to someone else, and link them). If you decide to host the next round, be nice, and post an easier screenshot. This game would be no fun if you keep posting random landscapes from obscure Italian films.
  • Now, let’s go with mine!

    Click to enlarge

    Dare to guess, friends. Dare to dream.

    Update: No one guessed. No one dreamed. The answer was Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which has even been covered on this site before. Here’s Round IIa: a sign of my abject failure.


    1. Mark July 4, 2007
    2. Alex July 4, 2007
    3. Mark July 6, 2007
    4. Kurt February 28, 2008

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