More Than Meets The Ear

I don’t care much for Transformers, myself, and have only vague memories of an incursion into a Autobot melting plant that survives from my youth. I was more of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, always.

That said, this fellow is awesome:

Optimash Prime

Artoo-Potatoo is also pretty cool, and this is infinitely better than the fairly lame “Spider-Spud” that they’ve also got going on. “Peter Parker Potato”? Please! Only if it can brush its hair over its eyes and punch its red headed potato blackmailed ex-girlfriend in one of the most embarrassing scenes ever committed to celluloid!

I’m going to see Transformers for masochism value (and out of curiosity to see if Optimus Prime dies – everyone wants him to), and I almost bought this toy today. Key word is almost: I decided that I couldn’t really justify spending $25 on a novelty potato. The fact that such pointless artistry exists in this world warms my heart.

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7 Responses to More Than Meets The Ear

  1. Wavatar Mark says:

    My personal favorite is Darth Tater. It doesn’t get much better than that. Incidentally, I bought one for my niece, and she loves it – though I think she’s in for a nasty surprise when she gets around to watching star wars, as she thinks Darth Vader is “Chewbacca’s friend” (I was pretty proud that a 3 year old knew who both of them were, though. My brother must be doing something right.)

  2. Wavatar Alex says:

    The point of having children is to show them your own childhood and teach them how to fight Nazis.

  3. Wavatar Sparkchu says:

    A friend of mine is a crazy Transformers fan. How crazy? Well, he did spend several hundred dollars buying the “Masterpiece” collection of Transformers, featuring Megatron, Optimus Prime and Starscream.

    While I’m of the proper age to have boarded the Transformers fun train, I missed it, along with the Star Wars fun train. In retrospect, it seems to have saved me a great deal of money, although it is odd that I’m not interested in either. Alex should know, I do like the robots.

  4. Wavatar Alex says:

    You do realise that Omnicron is The Brain, right?

  5. Wavatar Sparkchu says:

    Maurice LaMarche is Omnicron? I was unaware.

  6. Wavatar Alex says:

    Actually, he’s Orson Welles.

  7. Wavatar Turan says:

    I’ve seen the movie twice (once at a pvreiew at BotCon, the other last week Friday), and I think I enjoyed it more the second time as I had a big ol’ smile on my face the entire time. Are there plot holes? Yes. Is there a lack of Decepticon characterization? Yes. Is there a lot of confusion during the battle scenes? Yes.Is it one hell of a fun ride? Oh, HELL YES. And the fact that it’s raked in so much money means we get to do this again in a few years.

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