Pirate Fever

Call me “King Crazy”, and I’m sure you do behind my back, but I am King Excited about At World’s End. The situation is so bad that my parents, who never go to the movies, have seen it and I have not. In nigh on two hours, I will be basking in the Piratude.

It looks to me like our friend this movie is not going to review very well. I’ve seen things that have said that it’s more of the same, others that say it’s less of the same. If I turn out to love this here movie, I’m not making any apologies for it.

The majority of the things that people complain about in these movies are precisely what I love. I enjoy their “bloated”, overblown super natures. The end of Dead Man’s Chest was an excellent screw with the audience moment that pretty much vindicated the movie that had come before it. Basically I am not entirely certain what I’m saying here, but on one level I’m saying that Pirates, like death, are the next great adventure.

Last movie I was super excited about was King Kong, which was ultimately underwhelming. With Pirates, though, I believe that my feelings will be legitimate. That said, expect me to return to the internet in six hours, furious. I’m nothing if not arbitrary.

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