Should we go outside?

Yes, it’s another entry about ads! I wouldn’t mention it, but it combines several of my loves: Joanna Newsom, The Chaser, and balls of wool.

Frequently when I go to the movies, I’m being told to visit other states. I’ve gone to the movies, people! I don’t want to go visit Melbourne or become an accountant! (seriously, there’s one recurring ad which is essentially “Become an accountant. See the world”)

Yet there has never been a more compelling reason to visit Victoria than the fact that they give you a giant ball of wool with which to navigate:

I was struck not only by the novelty of featuring Joanna Newsom’s intricate and mesmerising vocals in an ad, but also the very careful editing that features none of her more interesting vocal gymnastics. She’s a controversial figure, is our Joanna.
The idea of traipsing about a city with a ball of wool is intriguing indeed, and exactly the sort of thing you’d use in an Ad Road Test:

Disaster city.

(If you’re wondering what Sprout and the Bean sounds like in its entirety, below is its music video. Sometimes I give until it hurts.

Joanna Newsom isn’t to everyone’s tastes.)

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