Heroes – episode 19


I preferred my old theories.


  • Team Bennet: Bennet gets Matt and Ted to spring him before Primatech kills them all. Matt laughs at Bennet once he realises that Bennet is a grunt and didn’t realise that Linderman owns the company.
  • Team Sanders: D.L. tells Jessica that she’s crazy and that he will have to take Micah. Linderman tells Jessica that she is valuable and that he will have to take Micah. Candace proceeds to disguise herself as Niki and takes Micah.
  • Team Petrelli: Linderman shows Nathan that he can heal things, and that Nathan must become President for the Greater Good – Linderman’s past experience as a superhero proving that they need to reach a wider fan base. Meanwhile, Sylar “kills” Peter Petrelli, until Claire realises that she can reboot him through the simple act of removing the glass in his brain. Turns out that Mamma Petrelli used to run with the power pack herself, back in the day.
  • Team Sylar: Sylar, having been robbed of the list of powered people after Mohinder (mysteriously referred to as “Suresh” by Peter Petrelli, despite everyone else always having called him “Mohinder”), steals 9th Wonder and kills Isaac. Again the world ponders why a comic book artist would include his home address in the back of his comic. Sylar then goes about making very bad art that implies that the next President of the United States of America will, in fact, be Frankenstein’s Petrelli.
  • Team Hiro: Five years in the future, Hiro and Ando feel forgotten about. They decide to visit Isaac, only to find that Future Hiro has moved in. Apparently Future Hiro really hates Hiro, because that would make for a really interesting (read: not interesting at all) cliffhanger.
  • The first thing I’ll say about this episode is that Mamma Petrelli was a huge let down. She stands up in a provocative pose, says something about “the old days” and then does not proceed to demonstrate her power. You do not talk to your granddaughter like that, Mamma Petrelli! Your relationship should be more demonstrative!

    The revelation of the previous generation of heroes gives credence to Tim Kring’s suggestion that each series of Heroes will be about a different group of heroes. I would quite like to see a period piece as the next series, but I doubt that would fly on TV. Who were Linderman and Mamma Petrelli’s comrades who got too many ideas of personal gain? Sadly, Hitler, Chairman Mao and Mussolini are too old for that generation: if only Linderman had run alongside them, how awesome would that be?
    I suppose someone has already remade World War II with a cast of superheroes, but that’s because it’s a great idea (Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman are all over this sort of work). Today I was thinking about rival groups of heroes, including those from high society (always getting around with top hats and monocles, preferably with cups of tea in their hands as they got down to business) and cockneys. Class consciousness means that they could never be seen working together!
    We need more period pieces, is the point.

    My big disappointment was finding out that Linderman runs the company that does all of the stuff. I’m sure someone noted the irony of Linderman’s healing powers (and also the convenience of having a dead flower on hand to bring to life), but the series is so much more intriguing if people are working at cross purposes. Perhaps I just can’t get over the fact that Candace is a massive bitch, I don’t know, but Primatech being the black hand of Linderman simply doesn’t do it for me. Still, Bennet was good because he’s become some sort of action hero; it doesn’t help that his comrades are massive whiners, though.

    Re: Future Hiro? Come on. I waited six weeks for this?

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