Set buckles to “swash”

The first Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End trailer surfaced today or thereabouts (actually, a few days ago; I’m not exactly topical at the moment).

I’m fairly excited about this movie, because I love swash, I love buckle, and I say nay to all of the Pirates naysayers who couldn’t believe that Dead Man’s Chest was a cliffhanger in excess of two hours. It was a half movie, like one that had drank of the unicorn. Having killed Harry Potter and regained its power, Pirates returns with At World’s End!

From what I can tell, the pirates of the world unite for a conference so that they can complain about global enterprise robbing them of their fun. This is the part where we suggest that Disney making a movie that criticises big business and crushing fine traditions is ironic to the max.

The promo materials on the walls emphasise the Chow Yun Fattitude of it all, and we’re assured by this trailer that Verbinski has taken every opportunity to use traditional cinematic “exotic shorthand”. Look at those vaguely Turkish pirates! Hooray for the pirates of Asia! Because the Pirates franchise is largely about fun, I can let them get away with these antics.
In these movies I will accept Geoffrey Rush cackling away like a madman just because … I don’t know. These films undersand the value of adventure and big set pieces. I think that part of this is because the franchise was born with absolutely no hope of a big return, and it ballooned into hugeness. While it’s got the cynical machinations of marketing bubbling deep beneath the surface now, the fun continues to float to the top.

On a completely unrelated note: why the hell are the Wachowski Brothers making a Speed Racer movie? I’ll only see it if I’m guaranteed that it will involve orgasm cake.

I couldn’t figure out how to use the “Pirate Viral Player”, so I didn’t bother.
I remember that “viral” things on computers used to be bad, but now companies just throw things on the internet and expect them to propagate. I suppose it’s a better situation.

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