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Heroes Season 2: Episode 1

“Four Months Later” TV! You’re back! Like sweet manna from the Heavens, I have new things to look forward to (and perhaps deride) each week. Heroes has led the vanguard, and I was fully willing to write it off … … Continue reading

Heroes 22 & 23

“Landslide” & “How to Stop an Exploding Man” What, did people honestly expect me to write about these Heroes? When your penultimate episode is so lacklustre that you couldn’t be bothered to even watch the finale until almost a week … Continue reading

Should we go outside?

Yes, it’s another entry about ads! I wouldn’t mention it, but it combines several of my loves: Joanna Newsom, The Chaser, and balls of wool. Frequently when I go to the movies, I’m being told to visit other states. I’ve … Continue reading

Heroes – episode 21

“The Hard Part” I only make fun of Heroes because I like it most of the time! Despite this, I have a difficult time reconciling a lot of the apparent contradictions involved with the web becoming ever tighter. Spoilers!

Tall Men: Australia is good at making beer ads

I was going to write about this anyway, but it also ties into a couple of other things that have gone around. Forget Coke, beer is where it’s at: You may recall Flashbeer from last year. In it I lamented … Continue reading

Heroes – episode 20

“Five Years Gone” Man, the future sucks. I’m glad I don’t live there. I’ve got to give it to Tim Kring, though: a lot of this episode, despite the full beards and coke bottle glasses, makes sense. I’m kind of … Continue reading

Science fiction: the victim of apathy that trickles down into hatred

Now, on underdeveloped scattershot argument theatre … While I’ll be the first one to call Heroes silly, I’m not a professional TV critic. Alan Mascarenhas of the Sydney Morning Herald had this to write of episode 14, showing this week … Continue reading

Heroes – episode 19

“.07%” I preferred my old theories. Spoilers!

Heroes – episode 18

“Parasite” I appreciate what Heroes was trying to do here, but it didn’t all work. Still, good stuff and a couple of things that I had predicted but was not quite sure of. At an even 20 different character scenes, … Continue reading

Heroes – episode 17

“Company Man” Easily the best episode of Heroes in a long time, if ever. Heck, I even teared up at the end. I was able to watch it twice in two days! Spoilers!