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Heroes Season 2: Episode 4

“The Kindness of Strangers” It may surprise you to hear that the first thing I said upon completing this episode was “I didn’t hate that.” But, well, I didn’t hate this. You know, it almost harkened back to glory days … Continue reading

My Name is Earl Season 3: Episodes 3 & 4

“The Frank Factor” and “Creative Writing”. Damn you, Earl. Why do you always have to be noteworthy? You heard me! (and now, after I wrote that sentence, sadly not always for the right reasons). Anyway, “The Frank Factor” dovetails nicely … Continue reading

Heroes Season 2: Episode 3

“Kindred” Seriously, you should come to my house and watch Heroes with me. I’m fairly certain that my periodic pausing of the show and swearing at the TV is more entertaining than what’s on offer. With each passing week I … Continue reading

Ugly Betty Season 2: Episode 2

“Family/Affair” Oh, Ugly Betty. You’re one of those TV shows where the titular heroine/ostensible lead character has the least interesting story. That said, with only one villain running amok and possible redemption for Bradford, things are looking up! Betty Spoilers!

House Season 4: Episode 2

“The Right Stuff” Yep, House is boring without his team. I dearly wish that there’s no viewer input to decide who stays with him. Check it out! This one has an accent! That one’s Kumar! This one’s a million years … Continue reading

Heroes Season 2: Episode 2

“Lizards” You know how most episodes of Heroes can be subtitled “Parkman is stupid”? Well, add “Claire is stupid” to that continuum! I watched this episode with Ajay and he said “I’m not sure that I can watch this show … Continue reading

My Name is Earl Season 3: Episode 2

“The Gangs of Camden County” If you’ve seen this episode, you’ll know that I immediately realised I had to mention it. Yes, it’s another gay episode of My Name is Earl. Earl is given a week off his sentence for … Continue reading

Ugly Betty Season 2: Episode 1

“How Betty Got Her Grieve Back” Ugly Betty had the best season finale of all last year. It was full of action, drama, and a final bit of synaesthesia so powerful that it made me all teary eyed. This episode … Continue reading

House Season 4: Episode 1

“Alone” Just weighing in to say that, while House III had the best non-medical serial stories of the show so far – which isn’t that difficult given that it had almost always been entirely episodic without much care for the … Continue reading

My Name is Earl Season 3: Episode 1

“My Name is Inmate 28301-016” Don’t get me wrong; I don’t expect to talk about My Name is Earl every week. Comedy is always the hardest thing to analyse for me, and while Earl has serial aspects it’s largely episodic. … Continue reading