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Killing Time – Premiere Episodes

A few weeks ago, TV1 invited me to a screening of the first two episodes of the new true crime drama Killing Time, based on the decadent eighties rise and fall of criminal lawyer Andrew Fraser. The series begins on … Continue reading

AMC’s The Walking Dead: episodes 1-3

Zombies. They’re everywhere. They’re coarse, they’re rough, they’re decaying and, like vampires and werewolves, they’re here to stay … for now. The ironic proliferation of the virulent undead across our pop culture landscape has not gone unnoticed, but the latest … Continue reading

When Twitter Fails, They Don’t

Earlier on Twitter I lamented the cult that has risen around Joss Whedon. Two people tried to slap me down for it. Then I remembered tonight that “The Trio” existed, and that this is a bad thing indeed and I … Continue reading

My God – it’s devoid of stars: Futurama to be recast?

The news of Futurama’s return to television was a good thing, yes? If something worthless like Family Guy can claw its way back to prime time, surely a more deserving property like Futurama could be given another chance to shine? … Continue reading

Beauty born of vandalism

Last night I saw Sweeney Todd once more, but beforehand I stopped by the bathroom of the cinema. In this particular bathroom, every stall had the words “Mr. Moops” or simply “Moops” carved into either a door or a wall. … Continue reading

Happy things

After all of my Heroes rage, and after Tim Kring admitted that episodes one to six of series two sucked, I decided that I’d share a couple of happy thoughts with the world: On the weekend, I had the finest … Continue reading

Heroes Season 2: Episode 6

“The Line” From my notes for this week’s episode: “I hate this show”. Yeah, it’s like that. Heroes is an uphill battle, one that I continue to wage because, as far as I can see, I don’t want to concede … Continue reading

Ugly Betty Season 2: Episode 4

“Grin and Bear It” Let’s do this quick, rollcage style. Whatever that means. James Van Der Beek (Dawson!) enters the series as a guy who’s totally not cool with transsexuals (he considers Alexis a man in a dress); The advertising … Continue reading

Heroes Season 2: Episode 5

“Fight Or Flight” Get your stale week old Heroes write up here! The content of the episode was so stale you won’t even notice! Remember the Mohinder voice overs? They’re back hardcore, and they tell us everything we need to … Continue reading

Ugly Betty Season 2: Episode 3

“Betty’s Wait Problem” Oh, Betty. It’s like the writers were gifted with divine inspiration: they don’t need to set up Betty with a totally bland person with whom she could never share interesting dialogue: they can simply write in a … Continue reading