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Year of 1000 words

Having just killed myself pumping out the last of the 12 Months of Movies 2006 feature in record time, I think that there’s little left to say about 2006. It had many good films, but I believe films are assessable largely on their own merit and are not always capable of being compared. Does 2006 have a winner? Let’s just say that it has many winners – I liked going to the movies almost every one of the 96 or more times I deemed fit to attend.

I shall bid you adieu with the new stylings of Scissor Sisters, with their music video for “Land of 1000 Words” presented in Scissor Vision. All you wanted was a sweet distraction for an hour or two? How about one for a minute or four?

Good hunting for 2007, my internet brethren.

Merry Blerghmas!

Never fear, kind reader(s)! The “12 Months of Movies” feature will conclude! I had originally planned to do one month a day from the 18th until the 30th, but things interfered. For instance, I am presently enjoying the same fierce cold that I suffered at this time last year.

I am still aiming to have the feature done for the 30th, and then I will present unto thee a special feature for the 31st before I kick off to my New Year’s Eve party (the plan is for me to belt out “Life on Mars” on Singstar Legends while I watch other people get drunk).
What is this special feature? It’s so special I haven’t even decided yet! It’s such a nebulous concept that it can’t be pegged down, and if you consult me in 2007 to ask “‘ere, where’s that 31st of December special feature you promised?” I will look you in the eye and call you a liar, sir!

Here’s hoping that Christmas treated you well. I was planning to write an exposé that accused Love Actually of both deriding and revelling in the tackiness of Christmas time, but when I rewatched it on Saturday night I just felt it in my fingers and in my toes. It simply didn’t matter any more.

’cause on Christmas, you can depend!

The new Batrock

There’s little point in paying for a shiny domain and using only a little bit of it. There’s even less point in making the headliner page a dead end with a couple of pictures and a review of admittedly one of the finest films of the year.

To remedy this situation, I have now devised another site, hopefully not destined to reach the same horrid fate! It’s more general, but my specialty is mainly movies. I suck at making pithy observations of the state of things in generals but, gosh darnit, I’ll try!

Now, take the hand of your partner and sit back as you enjoy the show that ushers in the impending apocalypse and almost certain doom!