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Resumption of service

Hey, remember when I was on a roll? Then I got fairly ill and had to write off the majority of January. I will be back soon, and hopefully better than ever before! (oh, come on, it wouldn’t be hard for me to be better than I used to be)

When Twitter Fails, They Don’t

Earlier on Twitter I lamented the cult that has risen around Joss Whedon. Two people tried to slap me down for it. Then I remembered tonight that “The Trio” existed, and that this is a bad thing indeed and I was entirely right to be critical.

Twitter’s down, so I’m sharing it with you here.

Coming soon: Coraline (written but not edited; a good film!); the awful state of children’s film based on trailers (“Say Hello to my Little Friend!”); Funny People (when I find out when the damn thing is out here) and finally, GI Joe, which I’ve already lined up tickets for.

Not that you’d notice

Every time I attempt to do something new and exciting, I invariably get bitten in the arse. This is precisely why, in these heady times when I am inexplicably attempting a second degree and also thinking “perhaps I should make a go of actually writing as part of this writing gig”, my laptop has died.
It may be a short lived death; it may return, like Lazarus, and walk once more.

The fact of the matter is, until then, I’m living on borrowed computer, sneaking peeks from the iMac downstairs (are they still iMacs? I don’t know. The ridiculously large screened ones that have the built in hard drives), and breaking into the UNSW libraries and using their computers for an hour at a time.

If you never hear from me again, it is because I have been devoured by people who are utterly mystified by the internet. People who are within the 18-22 age group, and don’t know anything about this online world excepting Facebook and Youtube. It’s depressing, really. How can you never have heard of the Great Firewall of China, be unable to conceive of government censorship?
How, for that matter, can you be doing a Media degree and not notice that the government has, for the past little while, been trying to censor and strangle our own internet with all the grace of an ocean trawler indiscriminately taking in dolphins and narwhals along with the pedophiles, anorexics and paranoids?

For my own part, regret nothing. Have lived life, free from compromise… and step into the shadow now without complaint.
If reading this now, whether I am alive or dead, you will know truth. Have done best to make this legible. Believe it paints disturbing picture. Appreciate your recent support and hope world survives long enough for this to reach you, but tanks are in East Berlin, and writing is on wall.

12 Months of What Now?

I made a vague resolution that 2009 would be my exciting year of reinvention, which included kicking Batrock into shape and making it a consistent and entertaining website that I can eventually use to enslave thousands of fans and get them to do my bidding. (My business model – hey, at least I could get them all astir about DRM, right?)

In the works is supposed to be 12 Months of Movies 2008, but I was a bit lax with my ticket keeping this year. I would see a movie, and eventually the ticket would make its way into my drawer. In my Arrested Development fuelled “Alex Vista” excavation of 2009, I cleared them out and entered them into Excel. 89 tickets later (that’s including both Sydney and Japanese Film Festivals), it’s not right! I can’t have seen nothing in January! I recall that, just as Bolt was my first movie of 2009, I Am Legend was my first of 2008 (preliminarily, I’m saying 2009 has set a better precedent).

In the Final Push tomorrow (or “Once More Unto the Breach”, if you will), I will attempt to liberate January and a few others besides. I mean, 2008 wasn’t 2008 without Juno, There Will Be Blood, Atonement (also a 2007 movie for me!), No Country For Old Men (again, a crossover year hit), Charlie Wilson’s War or even Kung Fu Panda. Those are just the ones I remember! This cannot rest!

I’m doing this for you, faithful reader. But seriously, you can stop holding your breath. Self-inflicted brain damage isn’t a good look.

(Good lord! Sweeney Todd is missing, too! Both times!)

Oscar ’08 Prep: Just before

Ensuing is a day of avoiding all news before the Australian broadcast of the awards – which had better not feature news breaks featuring the results.

Point is that December ’07 should be ready in the hours leading up to the Australian broadcast, and Arbitrary Awards – honestly I can’t say if they’ll be ready. We’ll see. It will be a liveblog behind the times anyway, so it’s not that important in the scheme.

About: Protection from Ganados

Leon Scott Kirby (from Something Awful forums)

I updated my About page. Hopefully it will contain things to either interest or enlighten you. I’ve made a new vow: I will finish writing about 2007 before the Oscars, which I plan on not liveblogging this year because I got terminally bored last time (wait, they’ve got Jon Stewart back? Urgh, I might have to eat my words).

So I’ve got a week to do four months and the Arbitrary Awards. Which I still have to devise. I have to relocate all of my tickets, but it can be done folks … I believe in me.

12 Months of Movies 2007 will conclude … in 2008

Time got away from me again, as it always does. I managed to keep my resolution last year, so this year I think I’ll follow up that success!

Next year I resolve to make a sitcom about a family of dinosaurs!

Oh, wait.

Anyway, rather than spend New Year’s Eve typing, as I vaguely recall doing last year even as I was in attendance at the party that ended spectacularly with everyone vomiting in the backyard while I slept way too hot upstairs, and then me watching The Incredibles with people vainly questing for mid-morning sobriety … I decided I’d just worry about it next year.
I’m sure that you can wait for my director’s cut, now including Spider-Man 3 for the month of May! Hint: it sucked. Also October featured a grand total of two movies, and only one of them was any good, and I saw it in September as well.

So I’ll see you all next year, and may you stay on the right side of alcohol, the law, and your good lady, or man, but not your lover’s fursona, because even I have my limits.

New site design

I think that Batrock is slightly less ugly now (albeit too orange!), but if anyone would like to design me a wordpress template that is maybe easily customisable or something, I wouldn’t sneeze at that.

Will dance for code.

Tumbleweeds, stand by.

Live from the Moon!

Fellow citizens! I come to you from a strange and wondrous place. You see, I find myself in Doenau Wine Country, tapping this to you on my Wii. It is easier than expected while still somewhat tedious.

And I’m floating in a most peculiar way …


It seems that I suck at the internet. Regardless of the fact that /keep looks like it will mirror itself for all time, please update your links to! I decided the sub directory made no sense and my splash page was an ugly put off.

Hooray for progress and aesthetics!

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