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Resumption of service

Hey, remember when I was on a roll? Then I got fairly ill and had to write off the majority of January. I will be back soon, and hopefully better than ever before! (oh, come on, it wouldn’t be hard … Continue reading

When Twitter Fails, They Don’t

Earlier on Twitter I lamented the cult that has risen around Joss Whedon. Two people tried to slap me down for it. Then I remembered tonight that “The Trio” existed, and that this is a bad thing indeed and I … Continue reading

Not that you’d notice

Every time I attempt to do something new and exciting, I invariably get bitten in the arse. This is precisely why, in these heady times when I am inexplicably attempting a second degree and also thinking “perhaps I should make … Continue reading

12 Months of What Now?

I made a vague resolution that 2009 would be my exciting year of reinvention, which included kicking Batrock into shape and making it a consistent and entertaining website that I can eventually use to enslave thousands of fans and get … Continue reading

Oscar ’08 Prep: Just before

Ensuing is a day of avoiding all news before the Australian broadcast of the awards – which had better not feature news breaks featuring the results. Point is that December ’07 should be ready in the hours leading up to … Continue reading

About: Protection from Ganados

I updated my About page. Hopefully it will contain things to either interest or enlighten you. I’ve made a new vow: I will finish writing about 2007 before the Oscars, which I plan on not liveblogging this year because I … Continue reading

12 Months of Movies 2007 will conclude … in 2008

Time got away from me again, as it always does. I managed to keep my resolution last year, so this year I think I’ll follow up that success! Next year I resolve to make a sitcom about a family of … Continue reading

New site design

I think that Batrock is slightly less ugly now (albeit too orange!), but if anyone would like to design me a wordpress template that is maybe easily customisable or something, I wouldn’t sneeze at that. Will dance for code. Tumbleweeds, … Continue reading

Live from the Moon!

Fellow citizens! I come to you from a strange and wondrous place. You see, I find myself in Doenau Wine Country, tapping this to you on my Wii. It is easier than expected while still somewhat tedious. And I’m floating … Continue reading


It seems that I suck at the internet. Regardless of the fact that /keep looks like it will mirror itself for all time, please update your links to! I decided the sub directory made no sense and my splash … Continue reading