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12 Months of Movies 2010: D-F

It was around this time that I realised that I saw a fair few French films this year and that a lot of them did nothing for me. How can I be against French cinema? Truly,  I am a monster! Animation makes a strong showing, idiots leave a slightly sour taste in my mouth.

Date Night to Four Lions!

12 Months of Movies 2010: A-C

At last! My year in review! And when I say a year, I really mean the whole thing: all 90 “official” Australian 2010 releases I saw, and however many festival films I saw in their own special entries. Now, curating it alphabetically means that no entry has a “theme” (until I reach the festivals, of course), but it also means it’s a damn sight easier to search. So here, your definitive guide to my 2010 in films (with perhaps some 2009 refugees to come at the end).