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Red Hot Chili Peppers: Monday, April 16, Acer Arena

This was a great show. I don’t think I even really need to say anything. I’ll just plagiarise my friend Pangle, quoted from his journal: Warning! Contains Mild Profanity!

The Bee Conspiracy Uncovered!

Further in the series of Danish serendipity, it turns out that my Aqua revival ties into the recent discovery that bees are dying out. Theories abound, like it’s the fault of mobile phones. So calling your mother to tell her … Continue reading

Can I Get Get Get to J-J-J-Junior Senior?

There must be some sort of serendipity involved in the fact that the week that I looked into Junior Senior for the first time in ages is the exact same week that their second album came out in Australia. It … Continue reading

Musical Obsession of the Moment: The Decemberists’ “O Valencia!”

I think that if you ignore the start and end of this video and pay attention to the part that’s set to music – you know, the music video part – you can discover greatness within. “O Valencia!” sounds quite … Continue reading

Scissor Sisters – She’s My Man

YouTube’s resolution can’t really do this justice, but the song is fun any way you cut it. I’ll look into the black suit action later, but keep in mind this is a more legitimate use of the Scissor Sisters’ talents. … Continue reading

I’ve decided.

Passions must die. My heart broke a little inside when I realised it wasn’t even bad enough to be good. I asked Curtis how it could possibly have been worse than the first instalment. His suggestion: because they wrote more … Continue reading

I Can’t Decide …

… if this is the worst thing ever, simply terrible, or shock and awesome. I love Scissor Sisters and, several years back, I watched Passions for about six weeks before I realised that nothing ever happened. The show was going … Continue reading

Scissor Sisters at the Sydney Entertainment Centre: February 5, 2007

Monday night was the Scissor Sisters concert! Now, I’ve not been to a lot of concerts in my time: Tenacious D twice, Joanna Newsom and Smog in a double bill (I found out too late about their performance at the … Continue reading

Tenacious D at the Hordern Pavillion: January 16, 2007

Last week I saw Tenacious D at the Hordern Pavilion. They had a really good “He is Real” shirt for the tour, but the ATM at the venue (one ATM at a venue that holds thousands? Good idea!) was broken. … Continue reading

Year of 1000 words

Having just killed myself pumping out the last of the 12 Months of Movies 2006 feature in record time, I think that there’s little left to say about 2006. It had many good films, but I believe films are assessable … Continue reading