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Welcome to the Space Show

Welcome to the Space Show showed at the Sydney Film Festival before it saw its wide release in Japan. It is an impressive piece of science fiction work, albeit not the same film that I was expecting from the synopsis … Continue reading

When Twitter Fails, They Don’t

Earlier on Twitter I lamented the cult that has risen around Joss Whedon. Two people tried to slap me down for it. Then I remembered tonight that “The Trio” existed, and that this is a bad thing indeed and I … Continue reading

Greedo Shot First

The idea that Han Solo didn’t shoot first is poorly implemented in the Star War Special Edition. It seems that, in 1997, George Lucas got Han Solo confused with Indiana Jones: Han is a man primarily interested in personal gain … Continue reading

Macross Frontier

You may recall that I used to maintain an anime blog. Becoming disillusioned with modern trends in animation and fandom in general, I cut down my consumption and severed myself from all involvement with the community. Since then I’ve become … Continue reading

What’s next for literature’s enfant terrible, Jane Austen?

Are you familiar with Jane Austen? She’s a promising young female writer with a strong following, perhaps best known for her seminal work Bridget Jones’s Diary. Turns out that she’s taking the idea of olde timey romance and turning it … Continue reading

My God – it’s devoid of stars: Futurama to be recast?

The news of Futurama’s return to television was a good thing, yes? If something worthless like Family Guy can claw its way back to prime time, surely a more deserving property like Futurama could be given another chance to shine? … Continue reading

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Movie)

The Harry Potter movie franchise is an odd duck: it’s not so much about movies as it is about the intellectual property. You expect a certain degree of something, and you generally receive it. After Christopher Columbus’s twee bogs of … Continue reading

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

For the moment, imagine there’s a picture of Megan Fox’s boobs here. Oh, there they are. Very good. There is practically no purpose served by writing about Revenge of the Fallen, because it’s already been said. The bombast has been … Continue reading

The Kingdom Beyond the Waves: An Exercise in Everything Good

The craynarbians drank freely of their caffeel, spliced with slipsharp oil, for Circle’s sake … I’m not normally much of a one to read fantasy or science fiction, with my toes only dipping as deep as Neil Gaiman and Terry … Continue reading

Star Trek (2009)

Again, I find myself feeling like a traitor, a stranger in a strange land: I’ve seen a franchise film in a franchise that I’ve forever been indifferent to. Star Trek is a franchise I was never really the right age … Continue reading