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Oscar ’08 Prep: Just before

Ensuing is a day of avoiding all news before the Australian broadcast of the awards – which had better not feature news breaks featuring the results. Point is that December ’07 should be ready in the hours leading up to … Continue reading

Oscar ’08 Prep: Nominee Rundown

I’ve found out that dread is something that attends all awards ceremonies; if they’re tough to watch on TV, imagine how hard it must be to sit in the audience. In preparation for my projected deadblogging of the ceremony, I’m … Continue reading

Academy Awards ’07: Deadblogging

Due to my Australianity, I have chosen to avoid the internet so that I don’t spoil the Oscars for myself. My computer is going King Slow, so I can’t exactly update this anyway. So here we go: faking the Oscars … Continue reading