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Oscars 2014: My Reviews

The Oscars are over, and now everyone can go back to forgetting that they never enjoy the ceremony so they can inevitably complain about the next host. For those who haven’t been following me outside of this website, for the … Continue reading

The Official 84th Oscars After Party!

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the Oscars this year. As a piece of television entertainment, there was barely any drag. Apart from the In Memoriam roll, which doesn’t count, there was only one montage, and it … Continue reading

The Official 84th Academy Awards Hoedown!

The annual bloodbath is upon us! The most notable films of 2011 have been filtered through the old white man machine, survived the gauntlet of lesser awards, and have been dragged onto the world stage for the only event that … Continue reading

Oscars 2011 Post-Mortem

For at least the past decade, the Oscars have been the same every year: a boring ceremony lacking in spectacle or pageantry that drags too long and ultimately disappoints. The excitement generated by the Oscars is never actually justified by … Continue reading

Oscars 2011: Woody’s Roundup

The Oscars! The one night of the year when everything is grand. This year they have corrected the error of having to scrounge to find ten Best Picture nominees to present a pretty good spread. I’m hoping for some upsets, … Continue reading

Oscars ’10: Deadblog

Last year I “deadblogged” the Oscars in a notebook which I was too exhausted to transcribe. At a glance, the best note was the following: “Who knows which [of these movies] are already on their journeys to next year’s Academy … Continue reading

Oscars 2010: The Last Second Primer

The Oscars, once again trying to do something to mix it up, have further diluted their already severely degraded brand. Much as Chris Rock said that the Oscars are about movies only white people watch (being as the world is … Continue reading

Oscars ’09 Deadlex

You know what? I stayed up until midnight watching these Oscars and writing a good million words (or something like 2,500, I don’t know) by hand in a notebook. I can’t stay up much later transcribing them, and the scanning … Continue reading

Oscar Nomination Round Up 2009!

With the Oscars a mere two days away, I present the partially written ages ago … Oscar Nomination Round Up 2009! Or, “The Latikas”, as they shall henceforth be known. So I’ve had a week (hah!) to think of these … Continue reading

Academy Awards ’08: Deadblogging

With only one win revealed to me, I’m ready to begin the descent into boredom following early enthusiasm that is The Oscars! Post-game: A satisfactory ceremony that failed to piss me off. Now that the internet is safe, Mark’s take … Continue reading